The taming of the trouser - Simplicity 1696

Following the great trouser debacle of 2015 in the last post I thought I'd try a different tack...Simplicity 1696. Well it does say 'amazing fit' on the packet, must be true.

According to the measurements I am super 'curvy' (no surprise there) and a size 16. I cut a 16 and marked out a 14 on the same pattern piece just for reference (in my experience of patterns, not much granted, they always seem to end up huge even when I use the chart properly). The pattern also says it has a 2 inch ease which is pretty roomy for slim fit trousers.

I cut a muslin and they were good to alter as the pattern also has a 1 inch seam allowance to mess about with. As predicted the muslin was bloody massive. I will spare you a photo of what looked like clown trousers.

There are photos here because when I was looking/obsessing over trouser fit I found other people's photos a massive help to see the issues in real life - so here, I give you my butt pic, in case it helps someone else out with this pattern.

I started pinching in the waist and hips and also made the back seam curve a lot deeper to accommodate my derriere. I also took the front seam in slightly to mimic the flat-belly adjustment and it seemed to work. However as you can see they are not amazing........please excuse the jumper it was freezing, I realise it looks like cookie monster.

My main issue - despite the dreaded horizontal wrinkles at the front (of which I decided to do nothing about in order to save my own mental health) - was bagging under the bum. Not a good look. I then had a stroke of inspiration and decided to take the inseam in at the back piece but NOT the front.

It was at this point I realised I needed my life back and decided that this was to be my finished pattern. Woop. Next stop was drawing on the alterations with a sharpie then taking the muslin apart again to trace the 'new' pattern pieces.

Let the real fabric cutting commence!!

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