Trigger's 'Bloom' Trousers

Ta daaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh...... Weeks of intense labouring over patterns and fit have finally culminated in finished floral trousers!

I suppose the pattern used is Simplicity 1696 - but then I realised that the pattern has been chopped and altered so much it's not really recognisable as that pattern anymore - very much a Trigger's Broom paradox.

(Dear non-UK readers, if you have no idea what this 'broom' I'm talking about is then dear god PLEASE watch THIS; British comedy at its best)

This is actually attempt number 2. The first pair I made had twisty legs and I had no idea why, then I started messing about trying to fix them and slim the legs and it just got a bit out of hand. Fortunately I had bought extra fabric forseeing my incompetence.

Take 2 was much better, I made sure everything was cut precisely on the grain. Then I read a tip online which was mega helpful.

  • Pin the inseam from the ankle up and stretch the fabric from the knee line upwards to put the pieces together.
It worked! I had to mega-stretch the front piece to fit the back piece inseam, but it works! I guess it keeps everything in line and on grain across your body.

The fabric is stretch cotton from - 'Yumi Floral'. Blooming marvellous (yeah I went there). There is a black concealed zip down the left side and I had to improv a waistband. However as I ran out of fabric it's cut in the non-stretch direction and made of 4 different bits - so it makes the trousers a bit tight. Will have to save them for non-bloaty no-need-to-breathe days. Maybe it will give a bit as they are worn in. Made little ankle side slits too for decoration :)

So they may not be perfect but it's as good as it's getting! I discovered there is such a thing as over fitting - and I would quite like to sleep easy and get my life back now...

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    1. why thanks you :-) have yet to wear them out in public!

  2. I saw your beautiful floral pants over on burdastyle and clicked on over. I'm always impressed by bloggers who make their own pants, I'm always worried about awkward crotches and the twistly leg that you referred to, but your pair look gorgeous. I'm inspired to go check out the pattern.

    1. Hello :-) Thanks for coming over and seeing the post. You are very kind - I'm no expert sewer by any means and had the same concerns as you - it was mostly weeks of experimenting that did the trick, once I'd made the finished pattern I figured I could keep it as my 'go-to' for any others. This pattern was really useful as a starting point - definitely give it a try, would love to know how you get on x