Crazy for Carol - leggings!

So clearly all this trouser making has gone to my head because I thought I'd have a crack at leggings next. Once again I attempted several failed pairs trying to draft my own from a book then I suddenly remembered making a velvet pair several years ago! Sure enough I found I had the  Burdastyle Carol Leggings #BS-039 pattern! I'd even made myself a note to say that the 'Large' were not nearly large enough and to add another inch around the pattern. So I followed the notes from my past-self to my future-self....and it worked! (Got to love it when you do your future-self a favour...)

Although a bit late to the party I couldn't resist getting on board with these great sewing related Merchant & Mills Pure Tailor's Beeswax t-shirts - from Uniqlo. It is one seriously soft and comfy tee! 

The leggings were made from some faux-denim look jersey - very soft and stretchy - from Minerva Crafts. The waistband and the ankle cuff things are the same fabric but used the 'wrong' way round. I thought it made for a nice contrast colour.

It's a win for the Carol Pattern :-)

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  1. Seems to be good quality workout clothes. At first I wasn't real thrilled with these because they came up a little high over my hips, but after wearing them on the treadmill a few times, I became a fan BECAUSE alo yoga came high over my hips!