Panelled Carols and Caustic Threads

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So back to today's creation. These are another version of the Burdastyle Carol Leggings #BS-039 available for download on the Burdastyle website.Tried to jazz them up a bit with random panels. Trace the pattern and divide it up how you feel! Check out the tee - more on that later.

The pictures don't really show very well but they are blank ponte jersey with black leather look ponte (fabric from Tia Knight) panels. They have wrinkled a bit on the lower leg but ah well...I thinks its because the faux leather has slightly less stretch than the ponte.

The trickiest part of making these was keeping track of which pieces went where. There were about 28 pieces in total, and the waistband on top of that. I kept the pieces all laid out on the floor and sewed it from the ankles upwards. The shape went a bit walkabout as it went on, I lost a cm or so here and there. Fortunately I'd made an extra large seam allowance allowing room for error. Despite using the original Carol pattern they ended up looking more trouser-like this time. I had to pin down from the knee to take the legs in for a tighter feel - and take a few cm from the crotch as they were wrinkling massively - I assume this was all choice of fabric related (?).

Clyde photobomb

Clyde roamed on in during taking the pics - ready for his close up.

Now let me just talk about this amazing t-shirt - I ordered it from a very talented lady on Etsy and her shop Caustic Threads - this one is a 'Dolman Blouse' style shirt so fits a little looser with a more rounded hem. Its soooooo comfortable! Erica of Caustic Threads hand dyes the shirts and hand prints all her illustrations - all the way from sunny New Mexico!

Caustic Threads

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  1. I thought I already commented! Oops!

    Thank you so much for mentioning Caustic Threads! I love the leggings you made! They look awesome!

  2. Wow -- 28 pieces for leggings! It was worth it because they look fab.