MyFabrics meets Crafty Clyde collaboration! (...with a cheeky special offer!)

Snappiest title ever.

Today's post is very exciting indeed! As you can see in my right hand side bar of 'Supplies' I recently gained a sponsor - They very kindly invited me to take part in a collaboration and I was provided with this fab slinky jersey fabric called Jersey Marla to be let loose on. It reminded me a bit of a Mexican print meets the 1970s!

As it is lovely and flowing I thought it would make a great maxi dress and opted to try out a new pattern (new to me anyway) - M6744 by McCalls. I mean who wouldn't want to pose about like that right? Perfect in cloudy rainy Britain.

I was a tad short of fabric for the maxi length but gave the shorter version a go with a headband to match - going with that 70s vibe... First things first, I traced off and cut the pattern as a Size M - it was massive so I went to a Small - I mean you could have camped under it. And apparently I didn't believe pins were a valid option last weekend - why pin when a bit of red wine does the trick just as well?!

It was really quick to whip up and the instructions were very clear. There's only 6 pieces to it and the most time consuming bit is threading elastic in the casing :) I think the dress looks like the packet picture - just without the exceedingly long legs. The only thing I didn't do was hem and finish the edges of the skirt. The fabric curled back nicely on itself and as it doesn't fray didn't need a hem (woop).
The skirt does split right up to the waist so not ideal for any breezy weather - I'm going to use this on holiday as a beach cover-up over swimwear!

Sneaky shot from last week on Instagram!
Of course I can't spend more than 2 minutes taking a picture before a certain reptile gets curious and tries to chase me off.....

So if you are thinking of doing a little fabric shopping here is a little treat for you all courtesy of!

Enter the voucher code CRAFTYCLYDE between now and 28 June 2015 you will receive £10 off any order over £35!!  
(Please note that this can't be used in combination with another voucher)

I hope you all enjoy this discount and get to make something nice - feel free to share and comment below, on Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin and now Instagram too! xxx


  1. Ooo - I absolutely love you use wine to hold the pattern! The dress came out great. Congrats on gaining a sponsor.

    1. Thank you :-) As for the wine - I can't promise that will be around to hold the next project down... :-/