Zen and the art of......Colouring and Crazy Shorts.

It's nearly holiday time and what better way to get a bit of head space than colouring. I first remember seeing colouring books for grown-ups a few years ago in France - seems like the rest of the world has just caught on as they are absolutely everywhere at the moment. Its supposed to stop crazy scatter brain by focusing your attention on one thing only, repetitive and colourful. Worth a try :-)

(Tip: Don't go into WHSmiths asking for an 'adult colouring book' - friend nearly ended up with some rude dot to dot situation.)

And of course with holiday colouring came the excuse to buy fresh pencil crayons....that joy will never get old. To go with the crayons - a quickly whipped up pencil case!

Follow the link for a tutorial on how to make one of these!

Of course right at the last minute I though I would whip up a pair of shorts! This fab aztec style print ponte roma is from MyFabrics and the pattern was the top half of my Floral Trousers! (Simplicity 1696) I just traced around the pattern, straightening the legs rater than curving as the original pattern does for 'slim fit'. As they are elasticated I also skipped out the darts - 4 pieces, 1 waistband cut and sewn in about 30 mins! I like making my own shorts as you can choose the length and not have ones from the shop that just seem show your ass cheeks pretty much. Sunny crazy shorts!

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  1. I love a crazy pair of shorts! And I love how quickly they whip up too! Thanks for the heads up about the colouring books! ;-)

  2. RTW shorts have literally gotten so short! I think these are great and you a right that it is handy to whip up your own.