Bright Aztec Self Draft

Et voila! The results of last week's post about trying to self draft a v-neck dress is this little number...

I can't hide the fact I'm slightly disappointed with it - having spent so long perfecting the toile, I had envisaged this to be a really well fitting slinky pencil dress. I'd saved the stretch cotton especially for the occassion - (awesome fabric though - found at Anglia Fashion Fabrics in Norwich).

When I made this dress the skirt was even wider like an A-line - this is a narrowed down version! I also forgot that my muslin was loads shorter than I wanted in real life and cut it as you see above. No big deal as its good for summer at least :-)

For some reason the shoulders also pull a bit awkwardly - no idea how to fix this - it didnt do it on the mock up version. Also the V gapes again - WHY DOES IT DO THAT??! I fixed it by nipping the very end of the V with a bit of stitching to keep it in place.

One thing I do love about this though is the invisble zip - see that?! - No...exactly.
Well - it was a first proper attempt so can't complain really!

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  1. I would never have guess it was your first attempt. Even though it didn't turn out exactly how you envisioned, it looks fabulous. The fabric is so you!

  2. Might not be exactly what you envisioned but it is a gorgeous summery dress and looks great. Anyway, if you're not totally satisfied that's a good excuse to buy more fabric and have another go I reckon :-) Sophs