Box Pleat Floral Midi Skirt - with Pockets!

This project had been in my head for ages, niggling away as a little idea to use up some floral fabric that had been in my stash since the Trigger's Bloom Trousers.

Would I look too girly in a big ol' skirt? Or more importantly feel too ridiculous... turns out I bloody LOVE it. Who knew I'd be a fan of a massive skirt.

There's no pattern for this one - just winged it. It is roughly based on my Pleated Skirt Tutorial however if anyone would like a full step by step tutorial on how to make one of these please do leave a comment and I'll get one done - I have a feeling I'l be making more anyway!

This involved 2 big box pleats on the front and back pieces - and shaping of the front and back pieces to make it stick out a bit more in that classic midi-style. And last but not least - pockets! I think this is my favourite bit of the skirt, black satin pockets.

As the skirt has pockets I had to put an invisible zip up the back - this involves spliting the back piece in 2 to accomodate this. If I had ommitted the pockets I would have just stuck a zip in the side seam.

It's also fully lined with anti-static lining so I can wear with tights without any cling occurring :-)

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  1. That skirt is very chic for fall and you did it without a pattern!? Yep, that's awesome!

  2. That skirt is great. I would love a tutorial so I could try to make one myself.

    1. Thanks - Will see what I can do in a few weeks time :-)

    2. yes a tutorial would be greatly appreciated!

  3. I too would love a tutorial.