Grainline Studio - Stripey Hemlock Tee

I finally got round to trying the Grainline Studio - Hemlock tee! It's a free pattern and its so versatile! There are zillions of them floating about on the interwebs and it fulfills my clothing requirement of secret pyjamas.

It's a one-size pattern and whips us a treat in record breaking time. I did a little test version in some crappy jersey just to see how the proportions were, and then altered the hemline for this version.

The pattern was altered by drafting a dip hem at the front and back. The pattern was extended down 3" for coverage, and the slit/curve was started 3" above the original hemline. And that is all!

It's made from some thick stripe ponte so quite warm, its been so handy for just throwing on and looking half decent without a lot of effort! This has got to be one of my most work me-made pieces to date. 

Hemmed with the assistance of wonder tape to stop it going all wavy
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  1. Your striped version looks great. It suits you very well.