Republique du Chiffon - Robe Annabelle (Of sorts!)

This had been in my stash for sooooo long. About a year ago I bought one of the kits from Atelier Brunete after my usual Pinterest stalking. I hadn't made any clothes in quite a while as having a bit of a low sew-jo moment, but just recently the mood struck me to pick it up and give it a go.

The kit itself is perfect - the paper pattern by Republique du Chiffon, just the right amount of gorgeous Atelier Brunete 'Facet' fabric which is a drapey viscose, zip and the best of piping!!

I followed the chart and accordingly cut a 38 top/40 bottom unfortuantely it was absolutely huuuuggggeee on top. By the time I noticed how big the bodice was, I'd already got carried away and applied all the facings and zip to the neckline and front of the dress. Massive error. I couldn't bring myself to unpick about 6 lots of stitching, understitching, topsticthing so just winged it. Also a massive error. I should have toiled, I should have tried, I should have unpicked! I have no idea why it was so big though, perhaps designed for someone with enourmous boobs!

What I did do however was just chop out the zip rather crudely then restitch the dress up the front - so it now goes over the head. This has the effect of massively raising the neckline and now it looks a bit frumpy :-( It was quite an expensive kit and I adore the fabric so I was desperate not to give up on it.

This is the end result - still love that gold piping though!

It doesn't look too bad on - it just feels weird. A bit awkward. Note the unimpressed face. No camera I will not look at you.

I still like the style of the dress so somewhere on the never ending list of things to make - I may toile!

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  1. It looks great. The piping gives the dress a nice detail.

  2. Your dress looks good on you but I know from having a similar problem with a blouse I made recently, although it might look good to others, if you aren't comfortable with it then the chances are you won't get a huge amount of wear out of it. What a shame, it is such gorgeous fabric and the gold piping details look wonderful.


    1. That's exactly it - you just swerve it in the wardrobe and overlook it don't you if you know something doesn't feel good. Perhaps I'll unpick one night and have another go!