Scout Tee - Grainline Studios

I am about a million years late to this party but here I am, fashionably late ;)

Just to put it out there - this is a blatant copy of the tee made by Deborah Baron after seeing her version on Instagram. Imitation is flattery right?

I have read so many reviews and seen so many versions of the Scout Tee over the years - but how good could a basic tee be? I never bothered as it seemed so - basic - the scoop of the neck seemed too low - no darts - what the hell?! How does that work on a non-stretch garment like this. Then my head was turned by Annie of The Enantiomer Project - who doesnt love an octopus? The possibilties became endless. Then the Cotton + Steel 'Gust Mindnight Zephyr' (rayon) swung matters and I became obcessed again about trying the Scout Tee out for myself.

Turns out people rave about this pattern for a reason - ITS AMAZING. It is absolute beauty in its simplicity and so perfectly drafted it is untrue.

I found the holy grail of ewing with this one - in the...abot 7 years...I've been trying to sew - this is hands down THE BEST garment I've ever made. (See pics of the insides for why :)

The fabric was Rayon (viscose) Cotton + Steel fabric bought from The Crafty Mastermind. This is the slinkiest softest silky goodness of a fabric I've ever seen. It cut well, it pressed well, it hung well. Plus the painted stripes gave a lovely spin on my usual breton stripe love.

The pattern drafting of this is incredible and its all so proprtioned. Using the chart I cut a size 8 at the shoulders/bust and graded down to a 12 at the hip. This worked really well, the only adjustment I made was to add 2" to the length - just because that's what I like.

I made a toile to test the pattern thinking that it would gape at the neck and pull awkwardly across the chest - but no! Here's my giraffe toile:

No neckline gaping! I followed the Tutorial for getting the necjband to lie flat - and BOOM it does.

In my real version I created my own bias binding stripes and went nuts binding not only the neckline but the sleeves too.

Needless to say I am very happy about this project :-)

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  1. Your Scout tee looks ace. I found your link on Foldline. I have quite a few different Scout tee's too on my blog. It has taken me a while to get my necklines to lie as flat as yours though! Nice work there.

    1. Cheers Caroline, I enjoyed seeing your versions aswell :-)

  2. THAT'S IT. You've convinced me :) Gorgeous tops!

    1. Thank you! :-) Wishing you hapy Scout sewing!