Stripes or Stripes? - That is the (unsuprisng) question!

Helloooo....I've had flu for what feels like forever and still feeling a bit fragile so here's a simple little post and two simple little skirts today.

You'll be unsuprised to see that yet again this ponte de roma sripe fabric has made an appearance! The best 3 meters I ever bought (it was from Tia Knight). I have my Hemlock, these two skirts, and there was even enough left over to make a pair or summer shorts like my crazy pair. (Although these remain cut out but unsewn...I mean its still snowing outside.) Talk about value for money.

I fancied a stripe skirt for a while and didnt know whether a pleated version or a pencil version was best - so after a little guilt about excess of stripey skirts - made both.

I still dont know which one is best. I'm leaning towards the pencil version as I just feel less girly/more comfortable in it. :-) Im not sure why but pleated skirts seem to make me feel a bit frumpy and weird, although i'm told they dont LOOK that way. And they are better for wearing tights under...which lets be fair accounts for 10 out of 12 months in the UK.

Turns out trying to photograph black and white in poor light is pretty tricky. But you get the idea!

I tried to use the tutorial on MerricksArt for the pleated version - but just winged it and kept pleating until it looked about even. The pencil version is a simple self-drafted skirt from a while back. Not much to tell there!

(I think Clyde made his choice...)
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  1. I like the pencil version. It is super slimming. Looks very pretty.

    1. Thank you :-) I feel like Im wearing a sack in the other...