Yes Duck! Simple Sew Pattern 'Duo of Skirts'

After much delay on the sewing front - it was a pleasure to get my sewjo back again with this fantastic pattern by Simple Sew.

It quite literally is what it says on the tin - it is simple to sew, therefore a perfect beginners project.

With this pattern you get a choice of two pencil skirts - the first is a more 'relaxed' fit tie waist version which the lovely Eleanor of Nel Nan and Nora made up a little while ago in floral print. The second is a typical 'wiggle' version which I have used here!

This little pattern is a dream to whip up in an afternoon! Upon gauging my size according to the chart I cut a 16 (just for reference , I am a UK 12 in RTW so this shows you how sewing sizes can vary - pick for your measurements not your ego!)

If you are between sizes, you can just grade from waist to hip - in this case as my hip is the larger measurement I used that size, knowing that as this skirt just has 2 side seams - it was so easy to adjust to fit in the sewing stages. Once you've whizzed up the skirt pieces - try it on and pin to fit! In the end I shaved about an inch each side from the waist, 1/2 inch each side from the hips and 1/4 inch down each side to the hem. When you've got it all snug and fitted, then move onto the waistband.

The fabric is a wonderful linen-look cotton from Minerva Crafts  - it is medium/heavy weight and  was a bit worried about how stiff it would be but it turned out to be ideal for a pencil skirt as the thickness creates the shape and holds well, hiding lumps and bumps in the process! And yes... those are embroidered ducks. Little individual embroidered ducks.

Inadvertent duck matching at the back vent/walking slit!

The combination of this pattern and the fabric hit the nail on the head with my ever elusive ideal style of 'quirky chic' (quacky chic in this case ;)

This skirt is unlined but I've worn a vented waist slip underneath it from good ol' M&S that stops clothes sticking to tights. Nan's know what they're doing.

And should there be judgement on my choice as an adult to wear tiny rubber we care?.... Do we duck.

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From Porto With Love - or Norwich....the sentiment was the same.

Today I'm just sharing an attempt at a bag I made for a very special friend who helped me through one of the crappiest months in ages. Here's to November - October can do one.

I'm hoping by now she has received it and knows what it is otherwise I have just ruined the surprise - sorry mate!

I really enjoy making bags and its something I would like to improve upon next year - they are great but really time consuming to do properly with all the bells and whistles. I would have like this to have had far more features than it does but time ticked on and it needed to reach its new owner...

The fabric is by Sarah Watts for Cotton + Steel and is called 'From Porto With Love' - I thought this was perfect for my pal as she's a big cat lover and is currently flitting between here and the Mediterranean for her love who is placed there at the moment, so she's not had it easy either.

 It's just a really simple leather bottomed tote bag, leather straps and a navy blue contrast top stitch and lining inside. Hopefully it will get some use!

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