Here's looking at you... Modified Grainline Lark!

Ahhhh that moment when you stare into your wardrobe for something to wear...and it can stare right back at you.

It all started after I went on a fabric shopping bender at Anglian Fashion Fabrics as part of our Norwich Sewcials group. We had a lovely late night shopping event in the store, with some great demonstrations about sewing with jersey.

Then the graphic print jersey was cracked out and I lost my mind. I was heavily mocked, but come on - pom poms with eyes...what's not hilarious and amazing about that.

How menacing is the blue one!

This could quite easily have been filed under Oona Balloona's infamous 'what were you drinking' category - however after much deliberation over what to actually make with it, I like the result!

It was going to be a skirt, then a t-shirt, then some leggings - but it ended up as a Lark!

The Grainline Studio Lark Tee fast became one of my favourites - it was a basic staple last Chrismas, I've aready butchered it once into a vintage floral dress, and here it is again today having its moment as a lovely boat neck tee dress.

The pattern was modified by raising the neckline and extending the shoulders to form a built in cap sleeve. I exrended the patern down from the hipline and then slashed it where the contrast panel was to go. Its the same backward as forwards.

The black fabric is also  from AFF and was described as 'Super Ponte'. I am in love with it. It was a dream to sew, the black is BLACK and its thick enough to be flatering on the body and hold its shape but thin enough to drape. LOVE IT.

Now what to make with the leftover pom-pom creaures.....

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  1. Yes, yes, yes to this dress! That fabric is amazing and I love how you've showcased it in a simple shift dress. Who could pass up pom poems with googly eyes?

    1. Hhaha thanks Siobhan! Glad you are in agreement about the fabric choice - not just me then!