McCalls M6884 - L'édition des insectes

Let me just start by saying - I LOVE THIS DRESS. It's one of the few makes I'm actually quite proud of, in so far as it fits, and it works, and its a bit weird. And its a bit...French? I have no idea why but just a feeling. (Apologies all French people out there if I have offended your chic-ness).

In addition to my crazy pom-pom fabric purchase at Anglia Fashion Fabrics - I also picked up this really nice jersey. Bug print! (Or 'Crispy Crickets' as they were called) It is not actually that stretchy but the inside is like flannel! Super cosy. I have also recently seen MinervaCrafts selling this in various colourways. Ooooo.

The pattern I'm using here is McCalls M6884 - with View A extended for a midi-length. I was searching high and low for a great wrap dress pattern when a kind soul on the Facebook MCalls Group suggested this one. Perfect!

(It was not without controversy however - when I asked for a v-neck/thigh slit wrap dress, much to my confusion there was much horror from several very conservative folks who basically suggested that I was an inappropriate slut for choosing such a pattern and showing my body - don't you just love the Internet. So much for female solidarity and the right to wear what you want. Therefore if a glimpse of my knee and non-cleavage causes you to gasp I suggest looking away now.)

ANYWAY - back to the pattern. This is an absolute gem as it only consisted of 3 pattern pieces - 4 if you want a belt. I cut and used a size 14 however it did come out a little big. Thanks to the forgiving shape and simple pattern I just pinned out the excess and whizzed up the sides with my overlocker.

The instructions were very easy to follow although I did largely ignore them and just went for it. Next time I would try not to accidentally cut through my notches at the waist as the only tricky bit was getting the two front pieces to lay evenly over each other.

I made the belt however it gets lost a bit in the print, a nice touch none the less.  Despite concerns about how high the split goes, its actually really 'secure' and gives good coverage. I did one minor alteration and that was to stitch the neckline closed so it didn't gape. Only took an afternoon to make so that was very satisfying!

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  1. It's a lovely dress! Love the crispy crickets too and quite Christmassy with the red shoes. :-)

  2. Thank you! I was tempted to wear it to an xmas party, bit toooo buggy though maybe hehe

  3. Looks lush! I am ALL FOR thigh split! Looks great on you xox

  4. This fabric is incredible! The dress looks fab!