Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year everyone!

At the end of the year I enjoy having a reflect and look back on what happened and what changed - and with regards to sewing 2016 for me was a game changer. Looking back over the projects I made I definitely saw progress from 2015, refining skills and getting better. I think this is mostly down to having taken a college course run by The Fabric Wrangler - who is now my partner in crime for Norwich Sewcials that we set up together in August!

It was interesting to list my makes - of which there were about 18, and see which were the hits and misses - but most importantly why.

My top 3 hits were:
  • Scout tee - this patten by Grainline Studio is hands down THE best drafted pattern I have tried to date.
  • Lark dresses  - another Grainline Studio pattern that has so many versions it has been incredibly versatile. A fantastic staple to all tee types and dress hacks
  • Ogden Cami - by True Bias, another seemingly simple top that I actually found quite tricky to make, but the clean lines and drape are lovely - I actually have not worn this yet though!

Ogden Cami in viscose rayon
All my favs were clean, simple, comfortable and uncomplex but skilled pieces - which meant they were practical for my lifestyle. My work wear is 'smart casual', I do sport, I like being comfy at home and I rarely go 'Out Out' (I highly encourage you to click that link) to anything posh. I also HAVE to be comfortable otherwise I'm just grumpy.

All my 'miss' makes had fussy details, ill-fitting patterns and were uncomfortable/impractical to wear (way too fancy for day wear/too short or too sheer etc).

This reminds me very much of Randomly Happy's talk at the Sewing Weekender on a wearable and meaningful wardrobe. So 2017 sewing resolution - sew for the lifestyle! In my early 20s I liked tight clothes and heels - now getting to mid 30's I like flats and simple yet chic outfits - I need to just embrace that go with it.Now that's not to say it has to be boring as I do still like a quirky print!

Another consideration for the coming year is time - realistically I only get chance to sew at the weekend, and even then not every weekend because...life. A conscious choice not to rush myself or feel like I have to plough through a 'to do list' needs to occur. So whilst I've chosen a few makes for 2017 I'll not beat myself up if I didn't do them. That is also one of the reasons I have also bowed out of the Simple Sew Bloggers Team (although best of luck to the lades that remain :)

To embrace the #2017makenine happening over on Instagram - here are my picks for the coming year!

1. Sointu Kimono Tee by Named - an interesting spin on a classic tee
2. Adeline Dress by Style Arc - not a brand I've tried before but there's some great versions on the web right now
3. Driftless Cardigan by Grainline Studio - because I've not really done knitwear before and who wouldn't want a massive cosy cardy in January (Australians perhaps).
4. Mystery dress by Closet Case Files?!?! - ok so this doesn't actually exist yet but Heather made this beauty in summer 2015 and everyone went wild for it. My prediction/hope is that she brings this out as an official pattern this year!
5. M6044 - not a new pattern to me - but I'd like to do more selfless sewing and make my Dad a version :)
6. Watson Bra - this was on last year's list of things to make but I chickened out/didn't have time. THIS YEAR!!! And again, why wouldn't you want comfy lounge wear.
7. Emerson Pants - I tried to make the shorts version of this but messed it up as my overlocker broke before I went on holiday. They never got finished but some culottes style trousers would be good
8. Emery Dress - I am 99% sure that I will not like the style of this on me however I feel compelled to make it as its a bit of a classic - curiosity getting better of me
9. Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers! - I would quite like to take the online class

I have enjoyed browsing the #2017makenine pics on Instgram - what will you be making this year? :)

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  1. I absolutely LOVE grainline pattern too and the Scout tee and Linden came up in my 'hits' of the year. I am totally feeling your ideas about clean simple style lines too.
    Good luck for your 2017 Make Nine!

    1. Thanks Caroline! I havent tried the Linden but I think that might have to sneak onto the list aswell...

  2. Thanks so much for including me in your round up. Am really glad I said something that connected! Looking forward to seeing what you cook up this year :)

    1. Thank you :) you certainly did - wishing you a good sewing year also!

  3. Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers are on my list also! I very much enjoy reading your blog and seeing you makes. Happy New Year! xx

    1. Same to you Annie :) we'll have to coordinate our Ultimate Trousers - some sort of trans-atlantic trouser-along...!