Ho Ho Ho - Merry McCalls M6884!

A little pre-holiday festive post today!

Following the success of the bug dress last week - which was a wearable toile of McCalls M6884  I went on to cut my 'real' dress which was to be this years Christmas party outfit.

The adjustments made were exactly the same as the last version - I also used the 'super ponte' from Anglian Fashion Fabrics as it is just such great quality and a real jet black.

In true maker fashion, I finished sewing about 2 hours before we were due to leave for said office party - and so I could only grab some pictures before the cab was arriving! I also forgot to wear the belt in the photos aswell but I did remember it seconds before leaving....

The neckline gaped quite heavily on this version so I had to use 'lingere tape' (tit tape to us commoners) to stick it down a bit and avoid a wardrobe malfunction mid-turkey dinner.

Once again though - I would really recommend this pattern, a quick and satisfying make - with a slightly asymmetric hem to make it interesting. Went for a bit of a vintage vibe with this one - the long sleeves were great for the colder weather.

So whatever you may or may not be celebrating this year - I wish everyone a good break and mini relax this holiday :)

(It's also a mini-farewell from Clyde for the time being with fewer photo bombs until Spring as he heads into hibernation shortly!)

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  1. So very pretty! You look like you are ready for a party!

    1. Thanks Annie, hope you've had a good Christmas and a well deserved break. Wishing you and your family a happy new year also :) x