A Lark for Lounging...

A quick project today which is of course.....the Lark Tee! In a break from the norm I actually printed and tried out the V-neck version this time. Man am I getting value for money out of this Grainline Studio beauty.

The main reason for this make was that I impulse purchased some of this gorgeous Atelier Brunette soft and cosy french terry sweatshirt fabric from Gutherie & Ghani.

Midnight blue/black 'twinkle night'.

Soft, stretchy, sweatshirt......sold. That's all it took. I'm not really a 'dots' kind of gal so the print was really secondary to the promise of more winter loungewear. That's where my brain is right now - in bed hibernating, much like Clyde. COME ON SPRINGTIME.

So what do you want in good loungewear? - Comfort, warmth and you guessed it - the ability to wear over leggings!

So modifications this time were to lengthen the v-neck pattern by 5 inches at the hem for a tunic style. I also made a little step-hem side split thing which although not particularly neat, did work.

The V-neck instructions were easy to follow - but I did find the band piece too small for the neck, and also too narrow - which resulted in some fiddly application as the terry also rolled at the edges making it difficult to wrangle into a straight line. So basically the neck is rubbish because bits of it missed entirely and there are tiny portions of raw edge poking through. The V also has a slight wrinkle in it which I just couldn't be bothered to resolve. I kept some fabric strips back in case I decide to replace it at some point!! Here's a pic of the good bit:

I would also note that the sleeves on this are also very narrow - making it next time I would widen the sleeve piece. It could be the fabric itself which although stretchy, is quite thick however I did find the same sleeve issue with a yet un-blogged project I was working on that is also a Grainline pattern.

 All in all a really quick make - with a lot of flaws. Its not quite as I had intended however as a top for lounging at home watching movies its fine - its even acceptable for those times when you have to leave the house wearing loungewear too so that's a win. Time will tell how much wear I actually get out of it though as the flaws tend to bug me....

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  1. This looks really cosy despite the flaws you mentioned - I can't really see them.

    1. Thanks Caroline :) I have forgiven it because of how comfortable it is, flaws be dammed I need warmth! Heehee

  2. I focus on all the flaws in my stuff too but most of the time others do not notice any of the flaws (not that it matters because I know they are there...). Regardless -- this looks smashing.

    1. Thanks Annie - I must admit despite me labelling it loungewear I wore it to work the next day because it was so cold! As you say I'm sure others might not notice but I find these little errors niggle a bit when you know they are there :)