Norwich Sewcials News

It has been six months since myself and The Fabric Wrangler decided to team up and create Norwich Sewcials - a little gathering of like minded folks in the area, a place to chat and swap ideas and generally get excitable about all things sew we do.

Since its inception we've gained a little group of regulars and those who pop in now and again when able and I sincerley appreciate that. It has been an absolute pleasure meeting everyone and getting to know people better each time.

We've had pattern swaps, festive champers and plenty of chatter plus we have an upcoming demonstration on how to do accurate body measurements. We're hoping this will be useful as pattern sizing seems to be a common issue - I am to be the guinea pig for measurements and I know for sure that I span at least 4 sizes on a patterm - far from a standard so hopefully a god example of why gading and fittng is required!

We are  also very excited to announce our first Sew Day! To be held on 4th March 2017 at The Willow Centre in Norwich - we have taken a bit of a gamble and rented a lovely bright spacious hall where anyone who wants to can come for the whole day to cut, sew, chat and create in company. Needless to say I am really excited about this - firstly because - sew day. I mean a full day of doing what you want is luxury right. Secondly - its quite an exciting little venture to try this out! I'm not one for patting myself on the back much, but for some reason this time I do feel a little proud we have done this. There's been a lot of love and work gone into it .As I say - its a gamble, and we can't be certain many people will come, or that we cover costs, or any of those variables.... but we are doing it!

As Pippa is the resident expert on hand for tips and tuition, I feel I need to make myself an apron for my duty as tea lady....

And last but by no means least - we were invited to Makers' Month at The Forum in Norwich! All month the Forum will be taken over by crafts and creations of all types from right across East Anglia. People can come and try there hand at pretty much anything - and Norwich Sewicals will be there on 10th Feb with a stand! We'll be just near the door as a sort os 'sewing tourist information' centre - loads of news and info on Indie patterns, a table full of magazines for a coffee and browse and Pippa will even be busting out the sewing machine for demos.

 If you're in the area and fancy joining us - come on down!
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  1. :) Have fun -- wish I had something like this in my area of the USA.

    1. Thanks Annie - yeah thats why we set it up as we couldnt find anything either. Heyif youre ever in UK you'd be welcome as guest of honour! :)

  2. This looks like a fun day. I hope it all goes well!

    1. Thanks Caroline - fingers crossed people turn up!