Best Nine Bingo 2017 - Yearly Round Up

It's that time of year where I like to have a little reflect and see which of my makes were successes and which were the learning curves... always an interesting task.

Last year I hopped aboard the #2017makenine bandwagon and set a few goals, which I'm pleased to say I achieved the majority of in one way or another....with a few blips on the way.

The Sointu Kimono Tee got made twice - this simple sew was a real practial make and I wear them frequently, highly recommended!

Technically I was going to make the Adeline dress by style Arc, but it was so similar to the Lodo Dress by True Bias that I marked it as 'made' in my mind. It was the design idea rather than the actually pattern that I wanted :) Perhaps Adeline might get a go in 2018...

The less said about the Driftless Cardigan the better - as you can see here!

I TOTALLY predicted the release of Kalle by Closet Case Patterns and by far it was as good as I was expecting! A summer day saviour. There will certainly be more of these in future in my wardrobe with all the versions available. 

M6044 got another look in with a whale print version - and you may be seeing another one soon ;) An absolute gem of a menswear pattern.

Rosie Bralette - this did get made and I ventured into lingerie sewing. Suprisingly though I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would and can't say I'll be rushing to make another anytime soon :-/

The Emerson trousers did not get made and I'm not really sure why - probably just ran out of time and warm weather! I'm still after some lovely black cullottes so you never know.

This one is a prime example of not tagging onto a popular pattern just for the sake of it. I thought I would try the Emery Dress by Christine Haynes however I quickly realised there was no way it would suit me or be something I would actually wear. The pattern was therefore donated to a lovely friend who definitely would wear it well :)

And lastly, I do have the Ultimate Trousers pattern however I managed to make a comfy version from ponte which did the job just as well, so I'm counting this one too!

I think my favourite make of the year was this Gertie B6453 dress - the pattern is incredibly versatile and seeing so many versions during the sewalong was a pleasure. Have I worn it? Of course not. ::eye roll::

Another noteworthy contender are these Carolyn PJs - never has nightwear felt so smart. Have I worn them? Comfy loungewear.....Oh yes!

Instagram played a heavy part in sewing this year - looking at everyone's marvellous makes and researching projects. Suprisngly my favs were also favoured by others out there, which is often nmot the case. Here's what Insta has as my 2017 Best Nine!

MakeNine aside, it was another good year for learning and improving, as we always do, and sewing for me played a huge part in therapeutic recovery this year so I am thankful for that and the amazing community of sewists out there that are so supportive of each other and inspirational. I'm looking at you. Yes you. Thank you x

Happy New Year all!

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  1. Glad you had lots of sewing successes! I absolutely love your lemons dress and also your wrap dress that you didn’t feature in this post. Your ultimate trousers look so comfortable and smart too! Have a great 2018

  2. I love your Gertie dress! Perfect. And the Carolyn PJs -- comfy wear is the best. It looks like you had a good 2017! Here is to making new things in 2018 and learning along the way!

    1. Cheers to that :) Wishing you a Happy New Year x