Nights in Blue Velvet - M6884

In what seems like an annual occurance - I once again pulled out the ol' faithful M6884 wrap dress pattern for a Christmas party! During the usual pre-party panic about not knowing what to wear, apparently I thought making a dress the day beforehand would be a good idea... this time it was!

This fabric is a super stretchy blue velvet from Tia Knight, a total bargain and there were so many colours to choose from! I was debating a simple tee dress but felt a Christmas party and this fabric lent itself well to a bit of a vintage vibe.

M6884 is a super simple pattern to whip up, it is stretch so fitting is not such an issue and the dress is a 'faux wrap' so no wardrobe malfunctions a few glasses of fizz into the night. I've already made two versions of this so was confident it would be ok to make in a bit of a rush.

Being luck enough to attend a Christmas party at The Assembly House it was nice to feel fancy for the evening. Had to have a cheeky pic next to the tree!

The venue was so festive and pretty, we even had a little snoop around the building and discovered the kitchens and cookery school full of copper pans. Also just a short walk away from the Tunnel of Light. Highly recommded if anyone was in Norfolk at Xmas time. Look how lovely...

On that rather festive note, may your needles be sharp and your bobbins be full this winter break. Wishing everyone love and a very Happy Holidays, whatever you may be doing :)

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  1. I love your dress, it’s so elegant and the colour really suits you!