Bright and Basic InstincT

Oh yes, it's another t-shirt. It seems not only am I on some sort of leggings mission, I'm also trying to find the holy-grail of T-shirts.

This little beauty is another freebie designed by Sasha of Seconda Piano. Possibly the most stylish person on Earth.

After the Stellan Tee didn't quite hit the mark for me (no reflection on the pattern or maker, just not the shape for me), Sewrendipity kindly pointed me in the direction of another trendy tee that might fit the bill. Enter the Basic InstincT.  I'll let you go read her blog for details of why it is so named!

Size and shaping-wise this was a must better match for me than the Stellan Tee. I had concerns that the fit would be off again, as Sasha and other makers are all very slender. However to my surprise the XL - the largest size it goes up to - was spot on. I didn't make any alterations to the pattern at all as I wanted to see what it was like 'fresh out of the box' as it were.

I like this one. There is enough drape at the waist to be flattering and the rounded shoulder caps sit nicely where they should. The sleeves are a good width, not skin tight, very comfortable. This tee still has that boxy, high-neck modern silhouette but is a nice standard length tee.

This amazing fabric is from Textile Express - now this is a leopard print I can get on board with.  Good quality cotton jersey. Loving the bright colour combos of this print. Certainly less wintry that is for sure.

I've been sporting this tee with my 'me-made' necklace from Pink Coat Club. Mini details that I'm sure only fellow sewists will appreciate is the two tone top stitching. Small things.

A sign of a good me-made is when it gets worn immediately I think. This came straight off the sewing machine and on to me, where it has stayed for a quite a few wears so far!

It's also that lovely time of year when the tortoises get back out enjoying the garden, and little Clyde likes to make an appearance photo-bombing my pics. He's so curious about everything, as soon as something is happening outside he races over to have a look.

I'm calling this a T-win. The quest is not yet over however, I intend to have a go at the Wendy Ward Peak Tee and a further crack at the Union Street.  Then perhaps it's time to call it and declare a TNT.

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  1. This looks great, I really like the cut.

  2. It is surprising how a good fit in such a simple garment can be so hard to find. For me, I didn't like the Basic InstincT. The neck was too high (which is easily fixed) the armholes too low (a more difficult fit), and the sleeves a bit wide. I haven't tried the Stellan, so can't compare it with that pattern. I like your leopard version. Not surprising that it's been worn a lot. Yay for warmer weather, not just for turtles but for humans too!

    1. Thanks Barbara - it's ridiculous how the basics vary so much! Have you tried the Hey June Union Street Tee? That's still by far my favourite I think it drapes very well.

  3. This looks like a winner to me. I love the fit and the fabric is brilliant.
    Nice to see Clyde looking so chipper!

    1. haha thanks - he's loving the warmer weather :)

  4. Definitely a better-than-just-basic! A tee seems so simple but finding the *exact right* one is a real hero's journey.