I AM Lucienne

I AM Lucienne. Or am I?

This is not my greatest piece of work as it was a bit rushed however this Lucienne pattern by I AM is pretty glorious. If you're after a simple yet chic, in that oh-so-French kinda way that they do, I AM has you covered.

The pattern is described as a 'vaporous and relaxed shirt' which I think is a better way of saying 'wafty'. It's certainly relaxed that is for sure and there is some serious room to manoeuvre in there.

The pattern put me at the largest size of 46 and therefore 46 I did go. I mean it is huge, but I think it's supposed to be. It's also described as perfect for a holiday in the sun and I'm pretty sure this breezy little number fits the bill.

The size was a little too large for me though and I admit I did nip out about 2 inches on either side to just bring it closer to my body a bit. I left the sleeves alone though. It's got a bit of a kimono vibe about it and the side vents are a really nice touch.

I was whisked away for a surprise hen do the other week and told to wear something galactic. I had the leggings so I needed a top! Enter some buttons from the stash...

I was after a pattern that I could whip up quickly and this was ideal. Although it's a shirt - the sleeves are rectangles and are inserted in flat. The whole thing is essentially a series of rectangles and squares which makes it very beginner friendly.

Even the collar is not so much a 'collar' in the strictest sense. It's a collar piece that's just sewn on. If I made it next time I would bind the neckline seam as if you're wearing the shirt open, the seams are exposed. To be fair the pattern does say to bind if you're going for a more professional look. I did not have time on my side and I had also run out of black thread!

If you intend to wear it buttoned up it's not so much an issue. I'm not a buttoned up kinda person though.

I used fabric from the stash which is a black double guaze. I've never sewn with this before but I'm a convert! I love the texture of it, it's soft, opaque and drapes really well. I'll definitely be using it again for summer projects for it's easy-breezy breathable quality.

Lucienne served her purpose really well and she will certainly get more wear as it's definitely fitting my throw on-and-go requirements. A great basic but not so basic addition to my Me Made wardrobe and for days when it's so hot you can't bear anything touching your skin - this wins.

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  1. It looks cool and super breezy. Perfect for some hot weather (if we ever get any this year).
    I love the galactic buttons!

  2. It looks great, especially the buttons!