Stitched Up - Sewing Fails

Happy Sunday all...

On a different theme to my usual project posts, I've just come on today to have a bit of a ramble and share some sewing 'fails'.

I really have lost my sew-jo over these last few weeks. Everything Midus touched turned to gold, everything I'm touching turns to crap.

It leaves me wondering. Is this a lockdown thing?

The whole lockdown thing bothered me at first and mega anxiety returned - however after switching off the news for several weeks and just carrying on as 'usual' I thought I was ok. I work at home anyway and that hasn't changed so staying in was not unusual. But it feels different.

I've worked more than I ever have pre-lockdown and feel tired (no I'm not complaining about having work - just an observation). I'm getting continually fat despite trying to exercise everyday and eat well, and now my hobby is annoying me.  And don't get me started on the guilt I feel for not making scrubs or PPE right now.

This is not a 'woe is me' post - I am more than aware what people are doing out there to save lives and give their all. Me feeling a bit odd pales into insignificance. But just sharing - in case anyone felt the same.

Plus I thought I'd share some project 'fails' to mix things up a bit and amuse myself with a bit of comedy in the ridiculous  :)

Terrible Trousers

My first bright idea was to have a go at another foray into the world of trouser drafting.... this time with Suzy Furrer on Bluprint. (What used to be Craftsy).

It must first be said that after doing about 4 pages of mathematical calculations I wasn't sure if I was about to wear these trousers or launch them into space.

After a considerable amount of time and effort, I made my toile and...... well, I wanted to cry a bit. They went in the UFO pile. Today they went in the recycling. Who needs trousers anyway while we're all at home...

Shit Shirt Dress  

Finding a new love for Style Arc patterns I treated myself to some glorious black tencel and a Mara shirt dress pattern to make myself a chic looking outfit. The universe had other ideas. 

It sewed up like a dream but as soon as I put it on the dream was over. My Hulk Hogan arms didn't fit through the sleeved and it was too tight on the hips. Turns out I'd made a 14, not a 16 and just hadn't noticed because the pattern only came in a 1 size format. I tried to salvage it by making it sleeveless. I was a handlebar moustache and cap away from being some dude called Chad riding a pick up truck. Project abandoned.

I've kept this one though as it's since been chopped to hip level and will be made into a tunic just so I can ease my conscience about the fabric...


Melilot Le Merde
Just to clarify the pattern is not le merde, it's rather wonderful,  it's just that my project is not.  
Following the shirt dress pattern fail above, I went on a mission looking for a flared skirt one that would work better for my hips. As I loved the Melilot shirt so much, altering that could be a good option. 
Off I went with a bit of turquoise leopard. Doing my best to cut every piece carefully, following the notches etc. I was so chuffed with myself I managed to get it on the fabric.
I sewed it up - then realized I cut two left front pieces. There was no salvaging that. Recycle.  

Knit Happens
I'm including this just because it's quite amusing but t be kind to myself, this was the first garment I have ever knit so that in itself was a mini win.  
I got a lovely Wool and The Gang kit a while back in the sale and have JUST finished it.

There are stray threads everywhere but again, cutting myself some slack as I have no clue how to 'weave the ends in' and just kinda winged it. However, I still can't help being a bit disappointed that it just doesn't fit :(

Once again it's an arms thing. My arms are just squeezed tight by the dropped sleeve seam. Whilst the sleeves flail about in the wind. If anyone knows a well dressed Orangutan that would love a sweater let me know.
Not really a fail though - I did enjoy making this and that was the point of the knitting was just the action of doing it.

So with that I shall now have a little sewing break! I'll post some more in coming weeks as I made some things pre-sewjo-loss that I haven't managed to take pics of yet.

For now I think I just need to concentrate on waking up, showering and dressing myself. The rest can come after that....

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Wrapped In Love - Ellie & Mac

The other week Norwich Sewcials had a 'virtual retreat' instead of the actual planned holiday that should have taken place. But let's not dwell on that. As part of the retreat I just fancied making something a little frivolous to perk myself up.

I had stashed some gorgeous stripe jersey from Fabric Magpie a year or two ago with the intention of making a maxi t-shirt dress for summer - this never materialized. It's beautifully soft and opaque and I loved that the stripes were irregular. I think she still has this for sale!

Pic from Fabric Magpie
For some weird reason I had an email pop up from Ellie & Mac - a pattern company I had never heard of before. It's got some fairly cute designs, very similar feel to Patterns for Pirates and that kind of thing. Low and behold a maxi dress popped up on sale so I thought I'd give something new a try!

The Wrapped In Love pattern is a basic(ish) t-shirt bodice and a faux wrap skirt. It takes up a LOT of fabric but fortunately I had hoarded 3m and it was just right to fit on.

I think I made the XXL size but as the skirt is a wrap style it's fairly forgiving if you don't get the exact size cut.

It whipped up fairly quickly however I did have to make some adjustments. The bodice was too short so I added a 'waistband' strip onto the bottom of it (about 2"). To be fair the instructions do tell you to make bodice adjustments for just this but I sort of....did not read them at all.

The other thing I failed to spot was that the waist is gathered. Ughh. Me and gathers are not friends.

The above picture is attempt number 1 and I just felt so frumpy and massive around the middle. In slight despair that I'd wasted the day making this, I had a Tim Gunn 'Make It Work' moment and took the scissors to it.

Off came the bodice, out came all the gathers and I reshaped the skirt as an A-line shape to match up with the waist seam. Much better!

Here I am feeling it. Feeling less of a dumpling anyway.

I think it helped that the sun was shining and I went out for a lovely glass of wine on the patio whilst wearing the dress pretending I was in San Tropez or something.

Without gathers the back is also a lot more flattering as it takes out all that poofy volume.

The dress comes with a waist tie which I quite like as it breaks up the designs and hides the waist seam nicely. The only change I still need to make is to sew down the leg split a bit because when you sit or the wind gets up, it gets a bit x-rated.

So not the greatest thing I've ever made but not the worst either. I have worn it which is something, but promptly spilled curry on it so spent the next 2 days trying to sun bleach turmeric out of the front. It worked. Phew.

I feel a bit indifferent to this make which is a shame however it is a nice break from leggings/t-shirt uniform of home working and the sleeves make it a good choice for cooler weather. It's not been written off - perhaps it's a slow burner and eventually I'll be Wrapped In Love.

 You may cringe now.

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