Sirocco - Secret PJs

Hey folks

Just hopping back on the blogging wagon to share a little make that I absolutely love, in contrast to last week's rambling!

I did make this ages ago though.... back when my brain was at better capacity. As you can tell from the sunshine (and the last remaining colour in my hair before it returned to a weird lockdown-brown-grey)!

It is a repeat of the fabulous Sirocco Jumpsuit by Deer & Doe. 

My previous incarnation was made in a sparkly denim and had a bit of a festive vibe about it so jet black was the order of the day.

This gorgeous organic cotton jersey if from Jelly Fabrics - absolutely perfect weight and consistency for a jumpsuit.  (LOVE that site, it's one of my go-to jersey peoples).

The size is 44 on top and 46 on the bottom, and a pattern alteration making the waistband twice the width. This gave me a bit more length in the body but without bringing the neckline down further. I don't know if it's the colour masking things but this version seems to fit way better than the previous. (Granted the previous did get hacked a bit so I lost a few cm on the top)

It makes me feel quite chic wearing this. Plus it's an epic option to throw on with trainers or whack on heels for times when we may see the outdoor world again.

I'd like to wear it with some crazy necklaces or some colourful earrings. Just a little shout out to SapphireFrills  who made me some AMAZING clip-on earrings. She has done this rainbow range for NHS charity donations and I'm thinking they'd be fab with my new jumpsuit. (This is not an advert or sponsor by the way, I just really like her and her indie business).

So there we go - not much to say apart from great jumpsuit, perfect for pear shapes, super comfortable especially for these days at home!

I shall admit to having bought yet more jersey for a blue version however I shall spare you a third blog post about that!

Hope everyone is keeping well out there - stay safe!

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