Experiments in Shorts - Bootiful Musings

So I've had a slight mood shift and instead of getting infuriated by my failed makes and quest for trousers that fit- I realized my scientific brain needed to kick in and appreciate that this is not making, it's experimenting.

It's not as if I have anywhere to wear these things is it? Might aswell make the most of Lockdown Life and use the time to find and try out some patterns - potentially for using next year?!

This also comes with the added advantage that I can use up some of my stash.

I mentioned the Pomona Shorts by Anna Allen in my previous post. Here were the results of this:
At first glance the pink ones look pretty good - in reality they basically cut me in half and I couldn't sit down as my thighs nearly had all blood circulation cut off. After adding in a couple of inches where the side seams should be (there are none by the way) - they ended up looking like a man's boxer short. Not for me I'm afraid.

Things then got a bit crazy as I made myself a 'Fishbowl'. I'll let Phyllis explain in depth.

It basically involves straddling a flexi-rule which is both hilarious and slightly unnerving at the same time. You then get a cross section of yourself to use against patterns to check the crotch curves.

I compared it to (yet another) shorts pattern and there is NO WONDER my ass does not fit into most trousers. That's nearly 2 inches difference in the depth!

Resisting the urge to get all paranoid about my body I remind myself:

Onto the Belize Shorts by Itch to Stitch. These are the pair that I adjusted with my new fishbowl paper to have a small chance of being able to get in them. Anything taken out of the crotch curve has to be added back to the side seams. I initially added too much and had to taper them down a bit after sewing.

Not too bad either! Still not ideal as the gathering at the back waist is present however they are elasticated so to be expected. At least I can actually sit down in these. Something still feels a bit 'off' though. I tucked the hem under quite a bit and think I prefer the shorter length. A darker fabric or jazzy print and they would be passable. Plus I won't likely tuck my shirt in either so that solves the back ruffles.

Edit: I shortened them but the wide leg holes became pretty x-rated when sitting down. Recycled.

I bought this pattern absolutely ages (years?!) ago and never printed the PDF so forgot about it. Everything has it's moment! These are a straight up XXL. I didn't make any changes to the crotch curve as the pattern is already really deep and nearly matched my 'fishbowl' in any event.

Despite being a bit rough and ready - I like them! I think they have a good casual/sporty vibe which I'm more comfortable with. As with all P4P patterns, this comes with about 100 variations aswell so plenty of scope for making them your own. (Curved hems, cuffs, pockets, patch pockets, drawstring etc...)

Linen Loungers take the win here! I made them in a bit of leftover black linen from Raystitch.

I'll spare you any more of this trouser tedium today but save to say - I've just brought out the big guns in the form of Jenny Shorts by Closet Case Patterns. Wish me luck, I'm going in....

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  1. I love the spirit of experimentation in general and of pants experimenting specifically!! The P4P pairs look awesome on you. My booty is wide rather than...deep? Round? in terms of mass distribution, but I recommend the free Peppermint Mag shorts, if you're sticking to elastic. If you're open to a zip I LOVE the Afternoon Patterns Fern shorts. They can be a bit wide and dorky but they're easy to adjust and dorky shorts are breezy shorts!

    1. Oh great recommendations thank you! Will definitely take a look at those. The Fern ones look great to me! x