Pants Off - Arden v Easy Pants (and a few extras)

Hello all,

It's the trials and tribulations of trousers on the blog again.

I've been trying to find my ideal pair of woven joggers, you know, casual cool and easy to wear. However it is proving IMPOSSIBLE.

I though I'd share some of the patterns I have been testing out just in case it was of interest to anyone looking for the same.

These are straight up, cut to measurements, none altered/none fitting issued versions of the pattern.

My waist is currently 35 and hips 47 inches and the charts were used based on this. 

Ding Ding Round 1 - we have Helen's Closet Arden Pants in one corner and Wardrobe By Me Easy Pants in the other. Into the ring they go...

Helen's Closet Arden Pants

Size: 18 graded to 20

Oh how I wanted to love these. I had been waiting for the release ever since Helen hinted at them at Christmas. 

The construction is super easy, the pocket is formed from one piece and folded which I liked and altogether they were a super quick make.

I made these in teal tencel, which in hindsight was not the greatest choice as they both look and feel like wearing scrubs. They made me feel a bit crappy. I wasn't into that.

 I found the back pockets gaped quite a lot but I think that's because there's a large difference between my waist and hip and the fabric gets bunched at the top.

They were never going to be classy trousers I realize that but they just didn't feel good at all. Such a shame as other people have been making some excellent versions.

Conclusion: A quick, easy, casual make for some throw-on-and-go trousers. Just not for me unfortunately.

Wardrobe By Me - Easy Pants

Size:  16 graded to 20

These packed more of a punch and it was certainly a more sophisticated pattern in terms of construction and design.

From the front they look ok, minor issues with the rise but I think tweaking could help. I just don't have the patience for a second pair. Loved the taper on the legs and the turn ups.

The pocket detail on these is brilliant, interfaced on each side, separate facings, much more of a time consuming and detailed sew than the Ardens.

The fabric was a better choice for these, some linen blend from Barry's of Norwich.

Back view however just is not flattering at all....

Unfortunately I could not wear these at all because they were also a size or 2 too small. When I sat down my thighs pretty much nearly tore out of them.

Conclusion: A very classy and sophisticated version of pull on trousers, a more complex pattern and flattering on someone with lesser booty than mine!!

All was not lost as although these were not made for me, I passed them onto a sewing friend and they fit her perfectly, so both pairs have a happy new home!

I declare a draw. 

Rational me should just realize I don't suit this type of style, however obsessive me took over for a while. I also went and made some Anna Allen Pomona Shorts -  that was a nope.

Then I went for Tilly and the Buttons Safiya Trousers  Much better but more like palazzos with none of the detail.

THEN four pairs of Joan Trousers from Friday Pattern Company got cut out as I knew they fit me - only to discover that all known laws of physics had changed since the last time I made them and low and behold. NOPE.

Conclusions: Wear more dresses.

Edit: At this point I had a mini meltdown about my body, sewing skills and general life itself however my lovely sewing friends (Hey Thursday Group!) sent some amazing encouragement advice. Not to give up.

Yoga, tea and a rest led me to reflect that I keep making 'quick' clothes and easy stuff. This is clearly not working out so a deep breath is needed, and a proper tailored pattern....and time.

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  1. It is a RARE (1%?) person that can sew a good fitting pair of pants right from a pattern with no adjustments!! I stopped making pants until I watched Karina (Lifting Pins and Needles on Youtube) series on fitting pants. Really helpful. From the pics above I would say the Ardens might fit you well if you did a crotch adjustment! Don't give up on pants!!

    1. I just saw this comment sorry! Thank you for the advice, I will go and check out her youtube series that sounds really interesting :)