Myosotis - The Good Place

Late to the party as ever. Myosotis - not a dress I thought I'd ever make.

The back story to this one is that I became a bit obsessed with a dress worn by Eleanor on The Good Place. It was in the final episode and wow was that a tear jerker!

I surprised myself at how much I liked it as usually I don't go for anything too frou-frou or flouncy or gathered or ruffly or.... well you get the picture.

Yet here we are! In gathers and a ruffle.
I swear I'm happier about this dress than my face suggests here.

Turning to the good people of The Fold Line Group for ideas on what pattern might suit my inspiration pictures, almost immediately this Deer & Doe number was suggested. In shape and fit it's almost identical!
The hunt for suitable fabric proved difficult. Trying to find blue stripe viscose proved almost impossible. Ideally the larger striped in the screen shots would have been good but no matter. I started searching in February and only just came across something vaguely similar to the pictures in June. It's from eBay and was only £4pm - absolute bargain - but the quality is great.

I made a grand total of ZERO changes to the pattern which is incredible. That being said, according to the size chart I was a 44 but something just didn't feel right about that and I gambled on a 46. This was a good choice in the end as it fit just right in the bodice.

Construction wise it went together well. Bodice first and skirt pieces attached after. I used some of my 'Greek island' buttons from Turtlebird UK
Gathers being my nemesis, I was a little reluctant to do the skirt parts however using the 'zig zag over a thread' method it wasn't too painful in the end. They definitely needed a press down to stop the poofy nature of the skirt though.

Full disclosure here though - my overlocker blade went straight through the middle of the front skirt!!!
A little patch job had to do and after snipping away the edge threads its ok. When worn you can barely see it so I'm not too fussed about that. Things aren't perfect.

When I first tried this on I wasn't too keen however waist ties were suggested to nip it in a bit and it went from sack to chic in 60 seconds. Now I love it.
Now I understand why everyone raves about this pattern. It meets my comfort criteria very well and I feel like I'm wearing something special even though it's just a loose dress. How nice this would be for wandering around some Mediterranean town. (One day.) For now I shall just float around my house in it on warm days haunting it like some stripy clad Northern ghost with excellent taste.

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  1. This looks terrific on you! Somehow it's the least frou-frou Myosotis I've seen - practical but dreamy!