Jenny Shorts and Ankara Adventures

 If you've read my previous posts you'll know I become a little obsessed with shorts this summer and finding some that actually fit properly.

Not finding too much joy in the elasticated woven kind, I figured it was time to bring out the big guns. 

Closet Core Patterns.

 It's no secret I love Heather-Lou and the best part of the Closet Core Patterns (formerly Closet Case Patterns) collection. Even the ones I don't love you know are going to be really well drafted. Her trousers tend to fit me pretty well without too many major scale tweaks so why not I thought, give the Jenny pattern a go. 

Granted it was a bit extreme to buy the full Jenny Overalls pattern just for the shorts version but hey, dedication to a cause. Plus a cheeky discount swung it. 

Size: I cut a 16 at the waist grading to 18 at the hips. A quick toile made up revealed that I did need to tweak the crotch curve a bit and I scooped a fair amount out of the back to accommodate the booty. 

I just love how this pair turned out. They seem to fit my contours really well and are very comfortable to wear indeed. They have been worn out and survived a full day of walking without much issue.

Pattern: The pattern has loads of choices for fastenings and my favourite part is this brilliant side 'arrow' which wraps around the waist. The pattern called for a lapped zip but I went for an invisible one which worked just as well. The overlap of the button placement on the waistband makes a nice feature and also allowed the waist to be nipped in a bit more aswell.

I also omitted the pocket facings aswell. I didn't want the extra bulk and the fabric was sturdy enough as it was.

 Here are the insides:

Fabric: This pair is some beautiful Ankara fabric from KTextile19 on Etsy. Whilst I was doing the toile for these shorts, there was Ankara Fabric Appreciation week over on Instagram. It was so lovely being able to see everyone's creations and learn about the history and culture surrounding these prints.  
Did I pattern match? Absolutely not. Does it bother me. Not one bit.
 I then decided that one pair was just lonely and so made a second in some more Ankara, this time from DiligentHandsFabric. I couldn't resist these lovely blues and paired them with a Turtlebird button.


 The curse of the second make struck though and despite using the IDENTICAL pattern pieces, the second pair seem to fit differently for some reason. The front rise seems 'off' somehow with too much fabric in that area. I have no idea why, and others I have asked say they look ok so I'll just go with it.
I appear to be far more joyous in the bright pair however this pic was taken very much on the fly!

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