When Style Arc Saved Summer

 You can tell how long I've been making these Clare Pants for by the progression of my hair cuts!

This pattern by Style Arc seems to have been incredibly popular and I can tell why there are so many converts. Despite the 'thin' (yet perfectly understandable) instructions they are superbly drafted, easy to put together and the fit is fantastic! Not a crotch seam scoop or a hem tweak in sight for these ones. Wow.  

These have been through many iterations to end up with my new favourite pair or summer trousers!

The pattern is for pants which are are elasticated in the back, with a flat front, a tie belt that hides the elastic gathers and HUGE pockets. There's also a couple of front pleats for added interest factor.

I made these in a straight size 14 and due to the ease and elasticated back, they go nicely over my hips and fit well at that size. Any smaller and I think there would be a struggle to get them on despite how roomy the legs are.

The first pair I tried out were made just after Lockdown started in April in some gorgeous triple crepe from Sewisfaction. Ooo this fabric really is 'Luxe' as described. The drape is beautiful and it's a great weight for trousers. The fabric really took the front pleats well and they hang over la derriere just right. The only tweak to these I would like to make is to take the legs in a bit as they are very wide to the point of trip hazard.


Almost immediately after I made these the weather turned and we were all sweating away in 30 degree heat for a while there. Returning to the Clare pants, I thought they would make excellent shorts! Now, yet again the curse of the 2nd make struck and some black linen shorts I made with this pattern totally failed. I still don't know how. Same pattern pieces, same elastic length but NOPE my legs and butt were not going to fit in them.

For some reason I thought I'd go for 3rd time lucky - and it worked! This time a bit of stretch linen from 1stForFabrics won out. Linen. That stretches. Heaven.

By the time I finished these the weather turned again and the rains came. It became a joke in our sewing group that I needed to stop making shorts as it was ruining the weather!


No changes made for these save to chop them about 7 inches from the inside leg for shorts length. 

The shorts went away whilst the weather decided what it was doing, then the whole of Britain started chanting 'I'm too hot...it's so hot...' in unison. So wafty breezy summer pants were needed!

The fabric for these bad boys was some Art Gallery 'Tropicalia' viscose from Minerva (not a gift) which I had been 'saving' for a special occasion. But one day on a total whim I just wanted to cut it and see what happened. Jazzy pants is what happened!

For this version I took the leg seams in by about 1 inch either side and tapered up to the pocket. I should have interfaced the belt as it's really flimsy but no real issue. Super comfy summer Clare pants!

Just to finish off the outfit, I also whipped up an Odgen Cami by True Bias in some leftover black viscose and it feels lovely to wear together.  It doesn't tent quite as badly in viscose which is what I'll be using for all future Ogdens! - You know they'll be more. 

The sun shall set, the tides shall go out and people will still be sewing Odgens.

(Just FYI for the Ogden, I used a size 14 and added about 1/2 inch to the under arm/side seam for a slightly wider/looser fit. I tried the new pattern 14 with a bust dart but unfortunately it was way too big on me, so I reverted back to the original pattern for this top pictured.)

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