Arlo - Hers and Hers Track Jacket

 Hello people... hoping you are all well.

Today brings a mini sewing fail/rescue attempt which started life as the Arlo Track Jacket by Friday Pattern Company.

This beauty of a pattern is a really stylish lightweight jacket/layering piece with a sporty vibe. Right up my street. And my husband also wanted one for cycling to work!

The fabric I used here is some brushed back jersey called 'Amazing Ants' from Anglian Fashion Fabrics. I'd bought it a couple of years ago and so a great stash bust. The black contrast is also some little scrap bits of sweater I had saved for a rainy day.

I remember this purchase was controversial as some people said it made them itch with the ants - the truth is it is ridiculously soft and cosy, and the ants are fabulous.

 The pattern is 'Unisex' and so I set about making my husband's jacket first. We measured up for a size XL and I figured if that fit him, the next would definitely fit me.

This was the first project I had made in a long while and I think all my sewing skills got forgotten. It stretched quite badly when I was sewing the panels together, and despite measuring several times, the zip just went awry.

 My husband then tried it on and... it was tiny and did not fit one bit :( The sleeves especially came up very short. I should have measured the pieces!

A glass of wine and a pep talk from my sewing group later, I decided to attempt a rescue mission and sat unpicking the topstitching and zip for a second attempt.

I then remembered the joy of Wondertape and whacked that on the zip to hold everything in place while I tried again. 

It's better but by now the hem band and neck bands have both stretched out quite badly. Not to worry.

As my husband could no longer use this I thought I could retrieve it for myself, but even I couldn't get the sleeves to a sensible length. The original cuffs got the chop and I cut some much longer pieces.

 As you can see the cuff is significantly bigger on the final version! I'm thinking I must have cut the pattern pieces wrong on the whole thing as the sizing was way off.

So in no reference to the pattern or the fabric - simply my sewing on this project - the Arlo got allocated it's sew in label.

So what was a mini disaster, is kind of wearable if you don't look too closely. I have actually reached for this top a couple of times now as it is super cosy for colder days and actually very comfortable.

I can't get it over my hips too well as a straight jacket however if you flip the hem band up it has a bomber jacket vibe which I don't hate. Excuse the pic - the best I could do with a cold and tiredness!

The Arlo jacket - mine was not his and hers, just 'hers' unfortunately. Tips for this one - measure the pattern pieces and crack out that Wondertape!

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