The Eco-Super Squid Suit

What a title.

But here is why:

I made what feels like another super-hero suit!

So ok it's more Octopus/Kraken than squid but you get the picture. I missed a 'Cracking Kraken' pun dammit.

This was available from Sew Dynamic Fabric made from recycled plastic bottles! If you want to see how it's made hop over to their website there's some good info on there. 

Not going to lie - it wasn't cheap because I had to pay import fees HOWEVER when it arrived that was all forgiven and it was totally worth it. I love that it came with sew in labels, a pin badge and a message to say that my 2 yards had been made from 32.4 plastic bottles.

I did hesitate in cutting into this for fear of messing it up however biting the bullet a couple of weeks ago I just went for it.

The leggings are my trusty Fehr Trade 'Active Leggings' with yoga band waist (and added elastic for security). I'd say these were the 'compression' version of the pattern. Although I didn't buy the compression add-on, I did spend time fitting these to be tighter and a 'TNT' pattern for me to use over again. If you like a tighter leg, she's now done the hard work for you and the add-on is available on Melissa's website.

The top is the Mighty Sports Bra by Evie La Luve  It's a brilliant sports top, great support and shape and surprisingly quick to put together. 

The top is fully lined and I've also used some foam 'modesty inserts' that are removable. 


My fold-over-elastic work needs some practice but it will do. The top will only be worn under a t-shirt I'm sure unless it's for yoga at home or something.

To go the whole hog I also made a loose tee in some bamboo jersey from the stash. (Originally from RayStitch). It's nothing spectacular, just traced the basic shape of a t-shirt then snipped the arm holes to get them nice and loose for a workout. Bamboo is great for this as it's cool, soft and very breathable for any sweaty classes!

I used my Cricut to cut an octopus from some spare HTV and popped that on for a bit of a theme!

 I pretty much love my new super-suit and yes I did wear it about the house the day I made it. Two great patterns and some pretty amazing fabric - perfect combo!

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