Itch to Stitch - Hepburn

Slight tortoise/turtle reference today in so far as it's a turtleneck I've made. Bit of a reach there...


Above - my favourite picture of old man Sammy with his own yellow turtleneck. 

Below - a new to me pattern - the Hepburn by an ever increasing favourite of mine, Itch to Stitch.  

Itch to Stitch have some great basics (including the FREE Uvita top which I've never blogged but wear almost weekly since I made it) and I do find them to be very true to size. 

For this top I graded between a 14-18 and made no adjustments at all to the pattern itself. 

The pattern was a gamble for me as it's close fitting - usually a major no-no, and the turtleneck would usually annoy me. It's a gamble that paid off though as the fit is flattering and the turtleneck is very comfortable. Enough to be warm but not enough that it strangles you. A 'barely there' turtleneck in terms of irritation factor.

I copied the ol' insta folks to style the top and tucked it into some jeans. And liked it. 

Turtleneck, tight, tucked... Who even am I?!


 The fabric used for this top is some lusciously soft jersey from Lamazi Fabrics. It has some amazing galaxy style paint splatter effect on there and was the perfect stretch for this top.  

This is a nice base layer top and I think I'd like to try another in more of a sweater knit fabric to see how that goes too. 

On a rare day that I got dressed for this I matched the pink to these awesome pink glittery TurtlebirdUK 'fuckbrick' earrings. (A little reflection of the UK right now). Send her a DM if you want a pair!

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