Union Swing Time Dress

You may be able to tell with the amount of upcoming Union Tee variations but I had a little phase of being obsessed with the new Hey June Handmade 'add-on. 

A couple of weeks back I showed you how I had turned the Union Tee into a Union Dress that had the nice back curve - well this is the flippy swingy version of that.  

The aim of the game was to make a comfy sweater dress that could go with pretty much anything. Job done I reckon. I look like a chubbier version of me in the 90's here.

For this version I laid out the 'new' (ie the one with the back curve shaping) Union Tee pieces on the fabric and just drew outwards from the waist line in a triangle shape to get a bit of volume in the skirt portion. I like how it turned out, just the right amount of fullness for me. 

 It's nothing revolutionary but it's a good staple. The main thing about this is ALLLLLL about the fabric. 

Oh this fabric. I wish you could stroke it through the screen. It's sturdy, but lightweight, soft and a bit sheeny and so lovely to wear. 

Photo from Lamazi Fabrics

This is an 'Ottoman Knit' that contains Ecovero viscose and just feels like you're wearing something really special. I found this via Lamazi Fabrics who stock it in a ton of different colours. It would make a gorgeous lightweight jumper or turtleneck. The picture above shows the colour much better as it really is a true jet black in real life.

The one thing I did do on this dress is accidentally cut the front neckline on both the front and back pieces, so the back is a lot lower than the regular pattern. However I actually quite like the mistake and the dipped back - just needed a bit longer piece of neck binding.

In case anyone was wondering (as I often do looking at other people's blogs) the tights are from Snag. (They size to your height and body shape so are pretty comfortable.)

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