Ziggy Hoodie Secret Sewing

Sewing for the fella today!

 After a rather unsuccessful attempt at the Arlo Track Jacket as a present for the husband, I needed to look at patterns that I knew would be a good fit. Or at least fit.

We'd had a lot of success with Wardrobe By Me patterns for men in the past so that seemed an ideal place to start. Low and behold, they had the perfect hoodie!

This is the Ziggy Zipper Hoodie and it fit all the criteria for a good pattern - easy fit style, zip up the front, roomy pockets.... oh yeah, and your wife can wear it if cold. 

 As with all Wardrobe by Me patterns I have tried, the drafting is excellent and the instructions wonderful. I even discovered that they come with a full video sew-along on YouTube.

The construction of this is really different to other hoodies that I have made. The facing and hem band are put together in such a way that it ensures the zip lines in perfectly. I did have to watch the tutorial to do this but it was actually quite straight forward once you could see what was happening. It also makes for a very clean finish.

The fabric I used for these hoodies is a fleece back sweatshirt from Minerva (that comes in a LOT of different colours). The green one is Dark Olive and the blue version below is Dark Blue. 

Yes I made two. 

 The blue version actually came first as a Christmas gift and as it got worn nearly everyday I realized a second version would be useful and well worn too!

The details on the pattern are lovely, even the pocket construction gives a nice stitch pattern

I couldn't resist adding a bit of personalisation to the hoodies and cracked out the ol' Cricut machine.A geometric wolf and alligator seemed a good choice at the time so went with that. It's cut from Happy Flock so has a fuzzy feel to it and bonds really well to fabric. 

So much have these already been worn during winter that there is a bit of bobbling on the green one already however I'm taking that as a sign of a successful make. There's even talk of a grey version... now what to Cricut for that one?! Hmmm.....

If you're looking for a lovely relaxed fit hoodie, great sizing and construction I would highly recommend this pattern. 

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