Felt Fancies

 Not so much with the sewing today but a little crafty project for Spring.


Norwich Sewcials held a 'floral felt wreath' workshop on Zoom the other week and we went crazy with the colours making felt flowers galore. 

Being a little rubbish at hand sewing and cutting anything fiddly I was surprised at how easy this was to do and how much of a 'mindful' practice making these flowers could be.

I have to admit, I pre-cut all my pieces using my Cricut machine. Nice clean edges!

The roses were created by drawing a spiral and then rolling the felt up from the outer edge, popping a couple of stitches in every now and again to hold it together.

The rest consists of layering up colours, scrunching leaves and adding shapes to your heart's content! 

As optional extras, some felt pom pom centers came in useful, as did a packet of card toppers giving me some insect life on my wreath.

There are hundreds of tutorials on Pinterest for felt flowers but I found it more fun just to cut shapes and whack things together fairly organically without too many set rules.

In order to put the flowers on the wreath, you can use cotton or wire but I went for the ol' faithful hot glue gun which my inner-child just absolutely loves using. Super-secure in just a few minutes.

 Now in situ my wreath is a nice colourful addition to the house. It's quite tempting to make some more on wire stems to pop in jars for table decorations. Should The Outdoors ever become warm enough to require such decorating and dining!

Very simple but very cheerful :)

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