Pona Jacket Pairings - Helen's Closet

 Pass me the marmalade sandwiches and call me Paddington 'cos DAMN this is a yellow coat.

This is the Helen's Closet - Pona Jacket. Admittedly when the pattern first came out I wasn't too keen as I had only seen the cropped versions which were just not my cuppa. Then along came the lengthened versions, and the belted versions, and the fully lined versions.....and then love. 

The pattern is described as an oversized blazer that can be worn open due to the huge internal facings and also suitable as a beginner jacket pattern. The pockets are huge too. 

Drawn in to the belted jackets and the need to make something that wasn't a t-shirt and remind myself what spring colours are.. I pulled out this awesome wool blend and satin lining. 

The fabrics are both from Minerva (bought not gifted). The wool is a blend and is currently on sale if you were after any! Yellow and Coral versions here. There is a bobbly side and a smooth side so hopefully it stays that way.

The lining fabric was a satin which I chose for it's nice Spring feel and yellow accents too.

Size-wise - this is a 16/18 and just right. No modifications to the pattern at all, although it's a big loose jacket so very forgiving in that respect. Very true to size as I've found with Helen's Closet generally. 

There are actually minimal pieces involved in the jacket itself and comes together incredibly quickly. I especially like how the collar is attached and the facing top stitching runs into it. The instructions are clear and well illustrated.

My KirstinStride beetle brooches have found their permanent home!

The jacket can be left unlined with bound or finished seams however I fancied a bit of pizazz. My mantra is that 'linings must always be jazzy' and so the bright fabric fulfilled that criteria.

 The lining itself is also super simple (phew). The tutorial is here on how to cut and attach the pieces. 

I attached all my pockets and belt loops BEFORE adding the lining as I didn't want the stitching showing on the inside. Attaching the lining itself was also thankfully quite straight forward and a lovely finished when turned the right side out. 

Not only did I make myself a Pona Jacket - I made my sister one too! (We live very far apart so no twinning with this one).

She'd fancied a mint green spring coat, and hey-presto - an early birthday present appeared. (I say appeared. 2 weeks of stitching and faffing later). This one drapes a little differently as the outer fabric is ponte! Although that is stretchy, the coat is big enough to take a woven lining and act like a normal woven coat. But soft.

Once again with the jazzy linings, some birds from Fabworks were selected:

Annnnd again just to cap off the present nicely - the addition of another bird! (Can you tell I love a theme?) Beautiful Bullfinch by Kirsten Stride

Well done if you made it to the bottom of this post, thank you!

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  1. Gorgeous! You sister is lucky! Happy Birthday

  2. They both look so good, especially the linings!