Greenstyle Creations - Tempo Tights & Tortoises


I managed to sneak a few extra photos in when the weather was lovely last week and Clyde was all about getting in on the action... hence the tights and tortoise. He's such a nosey fella and a sucker for a bare toe to nip.

Today we have the Greenstyle Creation Tempo Tights - they seem to have quite the reputation in the sewing community and I can see why!

These sports leggings have a brilliant design to them and a great scrap buster due to all the sections for colour blocking. There are several waist band options too - I went for an ultra-high waist with a 'heart-shape' back. I entirely forgot this detail when taking pictures and so this is the best it gets as a visual. It's essentially a little dip in the centre back waistband that makes your booty heart shape. Ish.

For the size I fell as an 'H' at the waist and 'I' at the hips. I did grade between the sizes but I should have seen the bit where it said to choose the smaller size when picking which one to go with! They are compression tights and I did end up taking them in very slightly in the leg when constructed. 

They were not kidding about an 'ultra-high' waist. I mean we're talking Bee Gees levels of highness. Again I totally failed to capture this due to my top!

Quick interlude about the top - it's also Greenstye Creations Xpress Tank and WOW that is also express. 1 piece of fabric, 1 pattern piece, 30 mins. It's an 'open-back- top but actually gives a lot of coverage with minimal lower back flashing.

 Back to the leggings. 

Fabric choices were some black Italian Matte Lycra from Fabworks - and they have broken my heart as I don't think they stock it anymore!! This stuff is incredible. Perfect opaque qualities for sportswear. 

The absolute jazz which is the side panels and waistband is a lycra from Rainbow Fabrics. Resistance to the neon was week. I'd been saving it for swimwear but gave up on that idea and figured I would enjoy these leggings much more.

I must have been feeling brave when I made these as I even did a little decorative coverstitch over the seams! This is some neon Madeira Aerolock (woolly nylon) thread in the lower looper and regular threat in the needles. It's definitely not perfect especially at the start and ends of the seams however good enough for me. Love the brightness of these!

My very small grip about these is that the waistband only suggests a bit of clear elastic in the seam for stability and to hold them up. For me that's not enough and if I made them again I'd definitively be popping in good bit of 1" elastic up at the top and between the layers for extra hold. 

To the gym these shall go to be tested...

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