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May I just start this blog by saying a HUGE thank you to everyone reading - as it turns out you are! How exciting (and slightly nerve wracking!). The comments on my previous apron post were just lovely and I appreciate that so much. I don't expect anyone to comment, as to be honest I don't do that much on others either, but it was so lovely seeing that people are out there.

Talking about out there... Greetings Earthlings.

Sliding into this Sunday with a basic but peculiar little make in the form of Tilly and the Buttons Freya.

This seems to be an absolute classic of a pattern and I am once again seriously late to that party - must be the space-time-warp. 

This project cropped up on a whim because I had been watching so much Made by Cath Crafts on Youtube over the holidays when I was poorly. She has about 500 versions of this pattern and so curiosity and the need for a satisfying quick make got the better of me. 

I was convinced I wasn't going to like it but not so! (For some reason I always think the TATB patterns aren't for me but I've actually made quite a lot of them and they all get worn! (Save for the Bettine which didn't suit my shape much especially post-2018)Pattern size was a 7 graded to 8 at the hips - which is the largest the book runs to, although I believe she is expanding her size range. 

The Freya is actually dress length and so I chopped a few inches off to make it a tunic, just because that's how I'd probably get more wear out it.

There's a bit of pooling at the back due to sway-back however it doesn't bother me too much - I can't see it hehe. The Union Dress has more shape to it if you were after a fitted version as there's a centre back seam in that. 

The bit I do really like on this top is the mock turtleneck. It's really quite low and stands away from my neck and so whilst looking fairly smart and warm, is not massively irritating. 

The Freya as a top is almost identical to the Itch to Stitch Hepburn turtleneck (I overlaid them and tried them both on to see) - save for the Freya mock-neck-thing is much comfier in my opinion. Breathing room. (For those of us that don't deal well with your planet's atmosphere). What? Nothing.

 The fabric I used is a cotton jersey from Little Legs Fabrics called Forest Scenes. It was initially bought for PJs however here it is in it's new Freya format.

And the best bit - I've worn it! The day after I made this it had an outing in the wild so that is lovely. There's also another top version on my cutting pile in black Merino Jersey (how posh) to make a useful base layer for dresses. 

Thanks for reaching the bottom of this if you're still here!

Nanu Nanu

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