Myosotis My Love

 Theming and bringing the love today with a fun little project that came out of nowhere. 

 Myosotis (Forget-Me-Not) by Deer & Doe has really done the rounds since its release and it really does seem to suit everyone.

I have already made this pattern here in dress formation but today I present you with a long blouse/tunic version. More wearable for my lifestyle. Especially in February when leg coverage is a must! (See below for experimental tests).

It started with some fabric from Rainbow Fabrics of Kilburn who sell lots of deadstock fabrics from the big retails and designers. This popped up and I jumped at it as I had wanted black and heart print for ages. It is EcoVero viscose and just such great quality for the price. The print runs through the fabric, and so looks the same on both the back and front. 

One evening I just picked it up and decided I fancied....something. Maybe a long shirt? A blouse of some kind. For absolutely no reason whatsoever I found myself cutting out the Myosotis bodice. Lovely simple details but a really nice fit.

Then I just carried on. I made some waist ties and inserted them into the side seams just above the waist as the dress version is very roomy and I wanted the option of nipping it in a bit. Option then to tie it at the front or loose around the back.

A pause came whilst I decided for a few days on whether to continue as a shirt or make the full dress. I pondered where I would actually wear this (it's for a family birthday) and decided it would get more wear as a 'shirt' type garment suitable for all weathers. I'm slowly learning. Dress for your life. 

I added the first tier to see if it would make a nice shorter dress. And well.... you can see how this may not be acceptable for any kind of bending.  Picture for comedy purposes only.

Of course let's not forget my lycra lovers and a reluctance to part with the legging. Plus I'm more like 40 not 14 so this is more likely how it will get worn:

I gathered it in the only way I'm prepared to do gathering - with elastic in the bobbin -  and popped it into the bodice as per the original pattern. I did top-stitch the gathers down to make it all less poofy aswell.

I searched my button stash for something suitable and couldn't find anything that jumped out. Until 3 little buttons literally fell at my feet! My sister had bought these when I started my sewing journey (over 10 years ago now ::gasp:: and I had saved them in the bottom of a jar. PERFECT. They found their destiny. (As all buttons eventually do). 

Bit of puckering on button band but not to worry
 Keeping with the theme I picked a sewing label from my tin - these ones from Sew Anonymous, again perfect for the job and a fun little finishing touch. 

All in all a really enjoyable make, no pressure, just messing about with a fun theme. 

 Sending you all some love... 💗

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  1. This is very cute. I love the buttons! What do you mean when you say elastic in the bobbin? I hate gathering and would love to know your method.

    1. Thank you! Yes i absolutely hate it heehee - you handwind some elastic thread really tightly on a bobbin, use regular thread in the needle and then just stitch a line where you want your gathers. It's like shirring - it just gathers everything neatly so you can then stretch it all out to your required length, pin and sew over the top :)

  2. Such a cute dress! Serendipitous re the buttons...What a great tip for gathering! So much better than the triple gathering stitch! Time saver!