Hidden Signs in Armidale

If you were after navigation advice for Armidale, NSW Australia I appreciate how the title may be a little misleading. 

If you were after a look at the Cloud 9 Rayon fabric made up into a Style Arc dress you are very much in the correct location. 

I absolutely couldn't resist the colour combination of this fabric when Sister Mintaka first listed it. Pinks and blues together on a dark background just do it for me. As did the bizarre print. This is called 'Hidden Signs' from the Mystical Gardens range by Cloud 9 and there are now quite a few online stores stocking this. 

It is a viscose rayon fabric and drapes beautifully but it's so dense it sews up almost like cotton. It is indeed mystical. Such a quality bit of fabric.

There are a lot of hidden signs in the print, but  I also added one of my own. Since I made this as the war started it felt appropriate:

Kylie & The Machone Sweary Sewist 2.0

Pattern wise I had always had the Style Arc Armidale Dress in my head for this. I adore this pattern and have made two versions here and one unblogged version. As with most things, these now don't fit. So I chose to size up and 'future proof' it by adding a belt so it can go in an out, much like my waistline.

This is a 16 the fit is....ok. I may have added in a bit too much ease. It's fine belted which is how I'll wear it to beak up the print a bit!

 I had some heart shape buttons in the stash which I had no idea what to do with, but low and behold the colours went with this dress.

The dress is very straightforward to make, there is no placket, the front just has facings which the buttons are sewn to. It is very fabric hungry (the skirt is 7 pieces) especially if you have a directional print. This took 3m of fabric with very little, if anything usable left over. A plain or non-directional print would certainly be more fabric economical.

Plus it has....


I was a good sewist and let this hang before hemming and pretty pleased I did as one side has grown over an inch. Snipped and hemmed properly it feels good now. I like the midi-dress length however I would be tempted to do a shorter version next time. And I am fairly sure there will be a next time.

 Bring on the sunshine so I can get this worn! 

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