The Adrienne Blouse with Minerva

 I am really coming in today with something well out of my comfort zone - style-wise that is. 

The Adrienne Blouse by Friday Pattern Company

Wanting to change things up a bit and look for a new take on a basic tee - this pattern had niggled away at me a little bit, especially when versions popped up all over the sewing community.

The pattern is described as a knit top with 'statement sleeves'. No kidding. Look at those things. If I catch a trade wind in these bad boys I could be off exploring the Seven Seas.

There's something weird about this top and that is - I don't hate it. Which I thought I might. However I do think I need fruit in my hair to wear it. And the next question is....will I actually wear it? Hmm. Jury still out on that one. 

Construction-wise this top is an absolute easy-peasy level project. I was shocked to see there are only 3 pattern pieces - bodice, sleeve, neckband. The neckband is added to the bodice immediately - then the shoulder of the sleeves elasticated and added in after. And that's about it.

I was kindly gifted the fabric from Minerva in exchange for a blog post on their site which you can read here if you want. 

The fabric is a lovely marl purple soft jersey - it is very lightweight and so lent itself well to the drape of this top. The fabric also comes in tons of colourways which is a bonus. 

As the front and back pieces are the same there is a neckline large scoop. I actually don't mind this and like a bit of a low back on garments.

I'm not sure about how tight it is though. I even graded up at the waist so it wasn't skin tight - but it still kind Despite being a B-Cup I think this top looks a bit 'booby' perhaps just because of the proportions. Or just perhaps I'm not used to tight clothes anymore! (Early 20's me would be horrified at that - nearly 40's me is telling her to jog on). 

I have no conclusions for you here people. I've not yet donated it and I've not yet worn it either!

Trousers wise - these are absolute beauties made with the Style Arc Parker Ponte Pants pattern with some added bells and whistles. I've written about the basic version here but I may do another post about these as I have more planned!

Toodles-poodles x 

(No idea where that just came from - blame the sleeves for the flamboyance).

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