Harper Cardigan Sinclair Patterns


Today I'm bringing some FREE pattern action in the form of the Harper Cardigan by Sinclair Patterns.

This came to my attention during the #SewFrugal22 challenge over on Instagram and Youtube this year and I can't believe I've been missing out all this time. 


The pattern does bear a striking resemblance to the ol' favourite Blackwood Cardigan by Helen's Closet so I thought it would be interesting to have a go at and see what the differences were. 

For starters, this free Harper Cardigan pattern comes with about 8000 variations. Slight exaggeration but it's not far off! There's cropped, classic, long-line and duster lengths; petite, regular and tall fit; and short mid and long sleeve variations. Oh and the size range is 0-30. All mix and match. Now that's some serious value for ..no money. 

 Sizing put me at a14/16 which translated to a L/XL and I went for those choices to see how it fit. Bang on with that.  

 I initially chose to make the 'long-line' version. However I didn't have enough fabric for the length, so opted chop the 'classic cut'. In actual fact the classic length was perfect and what I was expecting from a longer cardigan anyway. I did cut the 'tall' pattern as the chart put me into that category however at 5'7" I was at the low end of  'tall'. 

The pattern whizzes up like a dream, mostly on the overlocker. Two front pieces, one back, in go the sleeves in the flat then all you're left with is folding and adding the cuffs, hem band and front piece. Optional pockets of course!

I found the sleeves to be very long and so I cut them back the same length as the cuff, to then add the cuff piece back on. The fit of the cardigan is a much more relaxed version of the Blackwood. It's definitely roomier and the front comes in closer to the middle to you can pull it around you a little more if chilly. 

 The only thing that niggles me a bit is the neckband doesn't sit too flat and pokes out a little at the back neck. I think that's user error and I probably haven't stretched the fabric enough across the back neck area enough. However since watching the Sewing Bee and finding out that a feature of a Kimono is that it sits away from the neck at the back, I'm kind of ok with with this 'wrong' detail on my cardigan!

The fabric I used is a painterly stripe jersey from Beyond The Pink Door. I've started watching Andrea's Sunday Night Live Youtube sessions from her shop and it's dangerous for the wallet I tell you.  

If you haven't shopped with her before please do have a look, her fabrics are exceptional quality and the service outstanding. 

My sister loves a cardigan I made her a version from this fantastic Doops Design jersey. It's from Australia and I did get a fair few other pieces aswell to make the postage worth it. I am however pleased to report I did not get stung for additional import fees. Woop.

Another bonus bit of info for you is I also tried to make a 'Full Moon Bag' from Allwell Workshop. Another free pattern! This is a super cute round bag, although not my finest make as it all went a bit 'squashy' and doesn't hold its shape much. I gifted it to my sister none the less and she seemed to like it :)

The fabric is Cloud 9 'Under One Sky', a canvas weight fabric which I cannot remeber for the life of me where I got. My gut says Sew Me Sunshine.

There we have it - a couple of freebie pattern makes. I hope they are useful to someone out there! 

À la prochaine

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  1. Wonderful makes! You styled your Harper really cute too. This post was helpful - I love to know the differences between similar patterns and would love to hear if you’re able to fix the collar issue. The Harper is definitely on my list.

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty sure the collar is because I didn't stretch it between the notches - I didn't see that when I cut it out :)

  2. I also had a difficult time getting the collar to sit flat. I love the pattern otherwise!

    1. Yes! Glad I'm not the only one - would make it again though :)

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