Esther Shorts - Not Esther's Shorts

 Just to be clear. I have not made a pair of shorts for Esther. Although she did stop by to check out her namesake pattern... She is getting bigger so they might fit one day.

Now I don't want to speak to soon buy I may have found the best shorts pattern ever. And trust me I've tried MANY shorts

These came about by chance because Tessuti contacted me and said they loved my red Lois dress, and would I like to choose another of their patterns?! Errr yes please. After a little browse the Esther Shorts pattern called out and I picked those. 

Just FYI, I was not asked to blog, post or whatever about this pattern so this is done of my own accord and not a 'paid for' or 'advert' for Tessuti.But it turns out it's another great Tessuti pattern so worth a share.

The only thing about Tessuti patterns that is a bit of a shame, is that they stop at a size 16. I am a 16 so I did think these shorts would be another gamble on fit and I was very much expecting them to be too small and too tight around the ol' big butt.

I have some viscose linen in the stash for making toiles so I quickly cut out a pair of the shorts in a straight 16 and didn't think much about them. Then some kind of Australian pattern drafting magic occurred.

Hello shorts - no changes!!!!!!! 

 The 16 fit absolutely fine, the crotch curve was insanely accurate and required no messing about and if anything I could take the waist in a fraction but didn't - cos comfy.

I think there must be something about Australian designers. Both Tessuti and Style Arc have been winners for me in terms of body shape fit. Do I have an Australian booty?!

Excuse the pictures - I'd had Covid and this was the first time I'd been upright and out in two weeks, rocking a fever in a heatwave is not a comfortable vibe!

 The styling of this pattern is lovely. There's a high waisted, vintage feel about them and I liked the fact there was also some leg coverage. The pattern pieces are simple, but so well drafted again.

I made my 'real pair' out of some Cloud 9 canvas linen. I believe this came from Hey Sew Sister originally and the print is called 'Under One Sky' which is just such a beautiful name. 

Unfortunately these are pretty tight as I had forgotten how much stiffer the fabric was than the toile. They may give a little with wear but they are definitely not easy to zip up! Esther may inherit these after all.

Cheeky little Clyde popping into these pictures for a nosey and an attempted toe-bite.

Having made these Esther Shorts and the Lois dress (which is now one of my favourite patterns and a TNT) it does make me want to try a few more Tessuti patterns. Although I'm right on the upper edge of their sizing, I've found both patterns to come out bigger than expected.

Have you tried Tessuti and have any recommendations?

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