Last of the Summer Sewing Part VII - Random Roundup


 'Last' of the summer sewing seems a bit extreme this time as although it's now the end of August and autumn days approach - it's still hot, humid and a billion degrees outside. And I've just made swimwear (more on that in another post!)

Today I thought I'd do a little roundup of all the makes that didn't make the blog including a couple of sewing fails!

First of those 'fails' was not really in the sewing. I actually spent a lot of time and effort making Mr. Crafty Clyde a formal shirt in some amazing wildlife cotton from Rainbow Fabrics. It was made JUST in time for a work event where we whipped it into the bag and thought no more. Until he tried it on in the hotel room and it looked.....weird. Flouncy? Feminine? There was a lot of 'blouse' happening despite the measurements being accurate. I'd used the Cameron Shirt by Helen's Closet and unfortunately it just wasn't for him. I should have stuck to ol' faithful M6044. Thank goodness he had brought a spare!

 A useful make I whizzed up by drawing around an old t-shirt dress was this Nerida Hansen print jersey! My love for Australian design continues and this jersey just needed displaying in the simplest way. Plus I only had a meter. 

 Usually I can rely on Style Arc for a good fit and so I ventured into making an Ariana Dress. I cut a 16 (I'm usually a 14/16) but wow it came out small. 

 The back consisted of the nation's current obsession - shirring - and so I thought it would be comfortable but I was basically just squeezed into the dress with my back spilling out. Not a great look. I'll spare you that photo.

Shirring can kiss my **** - I don't know why everyone loves it so much, it's not that difficult but it is incredibly TEDIOUS to do.  #controversialopinion

I even had to omit the front placket as I couldn't do it up. My fabric choice was also poor and I have now discovered I really don't suit white or cream, my skin being kind of translucent anyway. I snipped the skirt off to salvage the fabric for a cami top which may work better.

Going back to the good times - a successful and very quick make was the Closet Core Tee. This one was a lovely surprise as it's FREE (great stuff) and also has a lovely shape to it. I thought it would be another 'boxy' tee with straight sides but it's actually got some good curves. 10/10 would recommend. 

The fabric here is Doops Designs cotton jersey. It's yet unworn but only because it's too humid for sleeves right now.

Should we even talk about this next one?! It was supposed to be Simplicity 9136. A lady at my sewing class had made some utterly beautiful versions of this pattern and the raglan sleeve appealed to my broad back. I actually had to buy the pattern twice as I was a fool and got the wrong version to start with. My toile was...... I can't look at this without thinking of someone's Nan on the way to Benidorm. 

I did not have the mental capacity to do any high intensity fitting at the time so off it trotted to the recycle pile. 

The Saltwater Slip made another appearance as the 'go to' of using up any scraps I've had. You can squeeze the cutest cami out of a few leftovers! This fabric is from Minerva (bought!) and is just fantastic - still in stock here if you want to buy some.

There was also a Lahja Robe which finally got made last week as I'd been needing a non-fuzzy dressing gown alternative for the weather. I used some lovely Lady McElroy cotton lawn for this and it's nice and crisp for the heat. 

 Finally I'll end with a non-garment make which was a little bag to keep my knitting in. You may have seen on Insta that I keep making all sorts of insects and creatures and so a handy little bag to keep yarn and eyeballs in was just the job. 

The fabric was from Fleur et Ors and the pattern loosely based on the Seamingly Sane pouch. A wonderful little pattern if you were after something similar!

Well that's about it! As you can see it's always a mixed bag with regards to success and failure and not everything gets documented.

I hope you've had a lovely summer and a great season of sewing! x

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