Indigo to Go

Coming in today with not one - but three (!!) Indigo dresses.

I am referring to the fairly infamous Tilly and the Buttons - Indigo Dress. I have to be honest when this pattern first came out, the TATB pictures really didn't sell it to me. It just looked a bit fussy and 'babydoll' in style which is just not my cuppa tea. 

It was only when versions started to pop up on insta (and in real life - Sally I'm looking at you) that it piqued my interest. Realizing it didn't need all the ruffles and jazz I gave it a go. In February.

Yep, my first version was a winter make. I never did any proper photographs of this dress as my sister saw and loved it, and it was hers. (I willingly gave it away I have to say!) This one was made in some fab cobalt leopard viscose from Rainbow Fabrics.

I made a Size 7 throughout (I normally use 7 graded to 8 for Tilly and the Buttons however there is so much ease at the hip there was really no need to grade). 

There is no other way to do gathers in my opinion, than using shirring elastic, and so that method was used for both tiers! (Normal thread in the top, hand-wound elastic bobbin in the bottom, whizz it round the edges and DONE. Pull to required length to pin it to the bodice.)

There were helpers involved with this first make too and so the label felt appropriate:

It wasn't until recently that I picked the pattern up again as it transpired my sis, unbeknownst to me, had been wearing this dress to death (always a nice feeling) so I offered to make her another. 

Again from Rainbow Fabrics I picked this amazing Scamp & Dude dead stock viscose crepe. (I also used this for a Saltwater Slip previously). Both pattern and fabric lent itself pretty well to a Scamp & Dude replica for her!

I just adore this colour combo. The dress is now in the post so fingers crossed it arrives safely! As per her request I also made a little skinny belt to take the waist in. A great detail which I also decided to replicate on my own version. 

Yes, it has pockets. Big deep pockets.

Another little adjustment I made to this version was to omit the neck facing and use bias binding to finish it instead. I think it gives a much cleaner look and the facing isn't flapping about.

I then cracked on and finally made myself an Indigo dress! I was very kindly gifted some more Exclusive Viscose Challis from Minerva in exchange for a post on their blog. The perfect excuse to whip up another Indigo from this pretty epic rainbow tiger fabric. 

Once again the UK is in heatwave mode so any easy breezy creation is a joy right now. Indigo no exception!

I'm not sure if the Indigo is supposed to be midi or maxi with the extra tier on the bottom however you can see it's about mid-calf on me. For reference I'm 5'7" and it seems about right. I actually quite like that it's out of the way of my feet when walking instead of tripping over a maxi length dress!

The shape of the top is great - I love how it has darts but a loose fit - I actually wondered about making a woven tee version. The bodice sits quite well in length and is about the right height for the belt ties to cover the waist seam.

 It's a casual dress so I'm not too concerned about a perfect fit with this. It feels nice and that's more important to me right now. 

Once again Clyde came to check out the action (and try and nip a toe - the perils of summer). 

I can't believe it's mid-August already - is there still time to make hot weather clothes?! Reckon a couple more would be ok....

Stay safe all wherever you may be.

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