Sew Purple for ALZ - Lois Returns

Morning all - sliding in today with a couple more Tessuti Lois dresses! 

Whilst the pattern isn't new to my blog - having already written about it here in more detail - I thought these were worth a mention just for the pretty fabric and associated 'challenge'. 

The Lois dress has to be my favourite pattern from this summer. These versions are made with all my adjustments - a more centered bust dart, no zip and a slightly raised neckline (7cm).

Firstly I made this great 'animal glow' version using viscose challis from Minerva (bought not gifted!!).

A hugely practical dress this turned out to be! I wore it to a work function in summer with heels, it then rained but fortunately the fabric dried out really quickly, then later I threw trainers on with it and it was suitable for dashing about and grabbing dinner. 

I then really wanted to use some Mauve Cobra Corsage fabric that I had been saving from Lady McElroy. Yes - this print again. 

Michelle from MichelleSewsAgain has been hosting a charity event throughout September to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimers and Dementia. The idea was to sew something purple and make a charity donation. Unfortunately our family lost a loved one only a few weeks ago to this and it seemed appropriate to join in and make something. 

Step up Lois again!

This one whizzed up really quickly and I just love how the colour pops on this with the contrasting blue bugs. My tattoos also appear to blend with this one!

Who is that handsome purple gentleman in the picture above you may be wondering? Well that is Snaily - who also formed part of the 'purple' challenge. I mean why not accessorize with a cute snail?

 If you'd like to knit your own snail he was made with a free pattern from Hobbycraft available here.

Thanks for stopping by again it is appreciated :)

I'm thinking of getting a little Halloweeny for October and may post some slightly darker makes now we're getting into autumn! Although I can't promise that some colour won't creep in, I can't resist. 

Wishing you all well... 

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