In The Leaf Litter - Knitted Bugs and Beasties!

 Starting October off with something bit different today. Knitted creatures!

You may or may not already know I became obsessed with knitting animals a while back and really enjoy the process of these smaller makes. So much more interesting than knitting a bit jumper.

A fun little fella to make was this gorgeous frog (this is Turner) - the pattern is by Dot Pebbles Knits and seems to have reached absolute cult status. If you have instagram search #imadethisfrog and there is so much comedy content!

Of course I joined in...

No frog's were harmed in the making of the following photo.

For a while I've also been messing about just making 3D shapes and different textures with knitting and eventually this manifested itself into making my own little patterns for some bugs!

Look away now if you're scared of spiders. Although he is super cute so don't worry too much. 

The messing around escalated as I made spiders, beetles, slugs, woodlice, moths etc.... So as a means to justify this bizarre behaviour I started a little project called 'In The Leaf Litter'. It's a little space to share some humour and ridiculous in a strange ol' world. Please do follow my account if you want to see these little bug adventures.

 Finally I decided it might be fun to actually write down my spider pattern - just in time for autumn and Halloween! So meet 'Big T' my first proper knitting pattern available now on Ravelry and LoveCrafts. It's a 10 page photo illustrated PDF if you fancy giving him a go! 

 I may do the same with the other creatures in due course but like most things it's a matter of time. 

 Thanks for reading if you got this far as I appreciate this one is not everyone's cup of tea! I shall be back with sewing content shortly :)

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