Snakes on a Grain

 I made myself laugh with the title. (Click here if you've no idea what I'm talking about).

 Today brings a little pattern hacking and some very snazzy fabric!

Sherwood Fabrics once again beckoned me in to their online shop with newsletter discounts and I instantaneously fell in love with yet another colourway of my favourite print. You guessed it. Cobra Corsage.

 This is a gorgeous teal colour, in 'Chloe Chambray'. They have two different chambrays and I have no idea what the difference is as the composition looks to be the same. I was advised that the Chloe was the one for flowing garments though. 

It's a woven fabric, like a thicker viscose and has a slight amount of stretch across it which is very comfortable to wear. 

Being so enamored with the print I just went right in and made a head to toe outfit. 

It was going to be a faux jumpsuit but it gives me definite pyjama vibes and the top doesn't tuck in particularly well either.

But as seperates - well that's a whole different story and a whole lot of love.

The Top

The top is the bodice of the Tilly and the Buttons Indigo dress. I just laid the bodice pieces out to cut normally and extended down a few inches. I could have gone a little longer but I didn't have enough fabric left so it's  a bit cropped. This is the Size 7.

The Indigo makes for a fab little woven tee! Bust darts, over the head, no problem.

I had to put a little side slip into the hem of the t-shirt as I forgot to grade out towards the waist/hip and so it was sitting a little too snug initially. 

The Trousers

This is my Style Arc Fifi Pants pattern - which works 50% of the time for no apparent scientific reason.

I batch cut this pair, and a pair in some beautiful polka dot Doops fabric from Australia. The Doops version was a massive fail and I couldn't get them on. Thankfully this pair worked fine! (This bizarre trouser duality also happened last time I made them!).

The pattern is about a 14 however I have made many alterations on these that they don't really resemble the original pattern much. Fitting details are in my original post so I won't repeat that here. 

Functional pockets and an elasticated waist make these a pleasure to wear! I love how Style Arc fits a booty.

There we have it, a couple of useful separates for the September sun. And a huge excuse just to write 'Snakes on a Grain'.

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  1. I really enjoy your posts but find it very difficult to read the pale print.

    1. that is a good point thank you, I will see if there is some way of changing it in the template :)

    2. The print is now fixed - black and white :)