The Blanket Paradox

For someone whose New Year Resolution was - 'I should probably get dressed this year' - this make was bound to be risky. For us work at home types - we perpetually walk a fine line between human and blanket at all times. 

The fact I haven't bought make up for about 2 years will tell you which side of that I usually land on.

I had purposefully not bought myself an Oodie/other brands are available/wearable blanket this winter knowing that I may just join Clyde Tortoise in hibernation if I did put one on.  

Enter the Billie Wearable Blanket - (let's be real, it's an Oodie). This is a FREE pattern by DIBY Club. You'll be pleased to know it's Unisex. That made chuckle as it better be Unisex, its a blanket. It's probably Unispecies. 

FREE pattern - 1 point in the direction of making this. 

Minerva then contacted me for the Brand Ambassador scheme and offered up this bug print fleece!! Free fabric (in exchange for a post on their website here). 2nd point and the deciding vote as to whether this was going to get made. 

The pattern calls for a knit fabric. I disregarded that information. Although to be fair it does say you can use normal fleece but stretchy cuffs. I did that instead.  


Voila. You may now forward all correspondence to P.O. Box This Blanket and I will respond sometime in Spring. 

I'm not sure if moving into this for January means I've given up on life or made it way better. (As it happened I got poorly so it was a perfectly timed blanket).

I cut a size Large. Which I can verify - is very large. 


The fabric is amazingly soft and cosy and is double sided so there was no need to line this blanket. I did initially want to do french seams as the fluff was extreme - however the thickness meant that a good overlock of the edges was the only option. I was leaving more fuzz around the house than Bagel Cat in summer.  

Work appropriate - probably not however how do you know I don't have a full suit and tie on under this blanket?

No-one will ever know. Schrödinger's Blanket -  I am both simultaneously dressed and undressed until the blanket is removed. 

It's not getting removed.

All I can says is that if you want to occasionally live as a blanket, this is for you. Just make sure no-one tries to fold you or set up unsolicited picnic foods.

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